Private Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange zDEX to launches #PIVXNews
STATE OF THE PROJECT - PIVXFeaturing own Bryan Snappy."State of the Project is a Monthly Podcast based on various awesome Crypto projects. The podcast delves into the current status of the projects and gathers news from important team members about the upcoming developments and advances. Hosted by Cryptosi, each State of the project is aimed at being a useful resource for community members and interested outsiders."#PIVXNews
Protected: Introducing the Strongest Person in Crypto – Luke Fullbrook, Professional Strongman #PIVXNews
STATE OF THE PROJECT - PIVX .Featuring Rhubarbarian & Chokablock."State of the Project is a Monthly Podcast based on various awesome Crypto projects. The podcast delves into the current status of the projects and gathers news from important team members about the upcoming developments and advances. Hosted by Cryptosi, each State of the project is aimed at being a useful resource for community members and interested outsiders."Leading topics for this episode: - Fake Stake Vulnerability - PIVX Radio - Chockablocks tutorial proposal - Tango Portal - When 3.2.0.#PIVXNews
HOW TO GET THE PIVX CORE WALLET UP & RUNNING ON A PCEducational video from Chockablock."The first in our video tutorial series for @_pivx. Our goal is to provide educational how-tos that help newbies understand blockchain and crypto safe practices. Feedback is welcome" #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo
UN FUND PARTENERS WITH PIVX TO TRACK DONATIONS ON BLOCKCHAIN " PIVX is one of several projects in the crypto space that have dedicated their resources to finding a scalable solution for blockchain-based payments that is fast, secure and energy efficient. Under Dr. Doreian’s leadership, the PIVX development team is passionately focused on assisting the UN by designing custom solutions for the tracking and distribution of charitable donations [...]" #PIVXNews
I understand that this might be upsetting for some.The use of sporks is basically the anti-crypto because of the centralisation point it brings. We know that, and use the zpiv spork only in a “end of the world” scenario. And this was one. Details for the attack are published here: random.zebra
The Future of Cryptocurrency is Eco Friendly #PIVXNews
WHY PIVX IS BETTER THAN BITCOIN "PIVX is an updated and upgraded version of Bitcoin and is often compared to Dash, the project it was forked off. But what makes PIVX special and stand out from the rest? Here's 12 compelling reasons why you don't want to ignore this cryptocurrency." #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo
MASTERNODES PROWhat Does MasterNodes and Gaming have to do with each other? What is the CryptoBunker? Top Project PIVXMNP Talk with MNPJason#PIVXPress #PIVXNews
PIVX FOUNDATION AT THE UN " PIVX is proud to announce the official launch of the PIVX Foundation from the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, where leaders of the blockchain social impact community are convening for the second year in a row today to discuss how blockchain tech can forward the U.N.’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). PIVX Global Ambassador and co-founder of the PIVX Foundation Dr. Bryan Doreian is a returning delegate of the Blockchain for Impact Summit""The opportunity gives this formerly underground cryptocurrency community a spotlight at the UN as a leading impact technology." #PIVXNews
THE BIG DEAL ABOUT THE PIVX FOUNDATION "The PIVX Foundation’s mission is to use innovation to create impact. As an official registered charity, it acts as an extension of the PIVX community that focuses on providing financial, human and social capital to 1) fuel blockchain education at leading international schools, 2) grow cryptocurrency awareness and adoption in developing countries, 3) developing blockchain tech that facilitates cross-border philanthropic giving and volunteerism.” #PIVXInfo
MANY GREAT THINGS AHEAD FOR PIVXRead about our John M., what he's done for PIVX in the last year and what he's working on.Just a glance:* Integration into a large (top 20 by adjusted volume) exchange.* [...] largest event PIVX has ever had. If we pull this off it will be an awesome event.* Integration with an online service to accept PIVX as payment.* Negotiations with a site where you can buy giftcards for crypto.* Trying to work a deal out with some LARGE media companies for a marketing campaign.* Holding discussions with some Youtube content creators to get them to feature PIVX.More by following the above link.#PIVXInfo
STATE OF THE PROJECT PIVX (OCTOBER).Interview podcast led by host Cryptosi and with Jeffrey and oNeZetty.In this episode:- The PIVX support team - Cryptocurrency in South Africa - The growing Spanish speaking community - Crypto in the LatAm community#PIVXNews
BITHUMB REOPENS DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS In a communication released earlier today, the Korean based crypto exchange Bithumb inform their users that depositing and withdrawing PIVX to/from the platform is once again allowed.#PIVXExchanges
PIVX AMA ON v4 RELEASE OF THE CLIENTAn AMA (=Ask Me Anything) session was held and recorded last 4th Nov.If you like to subscribe to the PIVX Crypto channel on YouTube without registering, you can use FreeTube or similar software.For downloading and converting just the audio, you could use ClipGrab or similar software.#PIVXWallet
OUR FOUNDATIONS: PIVX & CARDANO CASE STUDIES(Podcast Review) "Two great examples of blockchain projects currently in the works are PIVX and Cardano. PIVX is a decentralized, privacy-centric cryptocurrency. Cardano is a blockchain platform with many further potential applications. This episode looks into what these projects are, their philosophies, their potential, some struggles, and more." #PIVXNews
PoS vs PoW "A non-technical explanation of types of consensus, specifically the difference between Proof of Stake and Proof of Work. It is also is a great illustration of Blockchain, Decentralized Ledger Technology, Peer to Peer Networks and Cryptocurrency." #PIVXInfo
PIVX PROSE: BETTER EQUIPPED TO FINANCIAL UNCERTAINTY WITH CRYPTO?by Robert DeVoe"I think it’s time that we explore a few of the possible negative outcomes that could affect you financially – and how you might be able to mitigate or prevent some of that damage by utilizing the power of cryptocurrencies like PIVX."#PIVXNews
THE STORY ABOUT PIVXby AmbassadorAn enthusiastic article about PIVX has appeared on Medium."PIVX starts to raise eyebrows again in cryptocurrency circles by amazing developments coming from PIVX lab. The amount of quality code being pushed out can be hardly followed even by the projects with significantly larger budgets and developer teams."Enjoy your reading. 😉#PIVXNews
PIVXPODS: HEY BITCOIN, WHERE'S MY INTEREST? "With the ever growing interest in Proof of Stake crypto currencies we investigate whether POS is the future. Also PIVX wallet version 4.1 is in the wild and we share our thoughts about this massive update. Is it worth it? And if that's not enough, we're going to share something with you that has not be made public." #PIVXInfo #PIVXNews
PIVXPODS: WHAT THE FORK!"Within the crypto currency space, the are many different types of forks. We try to explain what's different between them and how PIVX and other projects benefit from them."#PIVXInfo #PIVXNews