Latam Blockchain Summit and Bogota Meetup Report #PIVXNews
HOW TO GET THE PIVX CORE WALLET UP & RUNNING ON A PCEducational video from Chockablock."The first in our video tutorial series for @_pivx. Our goal is to provide educational how-tos that help newbies understand blockchain and crypto safe practices. Feedback is welcome" #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo
What is PIVX?PIVX is a form of digital online money using blockchain technology that can be easily transferred all around the world in a blink of an eye with nearly non-existent transaction fees with market leading security & privacy.
UN FUND PARTENERS WITH PIVX TO TRACK DONATIONS ON BLOCKCHAIN " PIVX is one of several projects in the crypto space that have dedicated their resources to finding a scalable solution for blockchain-based payments that is fast, secure and energy efficient. Under Dr. Doreian’s leadership, the PIVX development team is passionately focused on assisting the UN by designing custom solutions for the tracking and distribution of charitable donations [...]" #PIVXNews
PIVX FOUNDATION AT THE UN " PIVX is proud to announce the official launch of the PIVX Foundation from the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, where leaders of the blockchain social impact community are convening for the second year in a row today to discuss how blockchain tech can forward the U.N.’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). PIVX Global Ambassador and co-founder of the PIVX Foundation Dr. Bryan Doreian is a returning delegate of the Blockchain for Impact Summit""The opportunity gives this formerly underground cryptocurrency community a spotlight at the UN as a leading impact technology." #PIVXNews
THE BIG DEAL ABOUT THE PIVX FOUNDATION "The PIVX Foundation’s mission is to use innovation to create impact. As an official registered charity, it acts as an extension of the PIVX community that focuses on providing financial, human and social capital to 1) fuel blockchain education at leading international schools, 2) grow cryptocurrency awareness and adoption in developing countries, 3) developing blockchain tech that facilitates cross-border philanthropic giving and volunteerism.” #PIVXInfo