WHY PIVX IS BETTER THAN BITCOIN "PIVX is an updated and upgraded version of Bitcoin and is often compared to Dash, the project it was forked off. But what makes PIVX special and stand out from the rest? Here's 12 compelling reasons why you don't want to ignore this cryptocurrency." #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo
NEWSWIRE: BITCOIN ENERGY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION "Bitcoin produces more Co2 in a year than one million transatlantic flights.In more relatable terms, one single Bitcoin transaction uses enough power for 13 American homes for an entire week. Bitcoin is now responsible for nearly one percent of global energy consumption." #PIVXInfo #PIVXNews
PIVXPODS: FOLLOWING PIVX WALLETS"Learn about PIVX Wallets past, present, and future. Starting from the Bitcoin QT wallet and why that's not good enough anymore to the more recent improvements in the 4.0 series. We'll follow that with awesome new features and improvements in the upcoming 4.1 wallet. And if that's not enough, we will even tread lightly down the road towards the 5.0 wallet who's main feature will be the inclusion of zkSnark Sapling privacy."#PIVXInfo #PIVXNews
PIVXPODS: HEY BITCOIN, WHERE'S MY INTEREST? "With the ever growing interest in Proof of Stake crypto currencies we investigate whether POS is the future. Also PIVX wallet version 4.1 is in the wild and we share our thoughts about this massive update. Is it worth it? And if that's not enough, we're going to share something with you that has not be made public." #PIVXInfo #PIVXNews