What is PIVX?PIVX is a form of digital online money using blockchain technology that can be easily transferred all around the world in a blink of an eye with nearly non-existent transaction fees with market leading security & privacy.https://pivx.org/what-is-pivx/#PIVXInfo

PIVX DEVs: "zPIV FUNCTIONS DOWN DUE TO MAINTENANCE" "zPIV functionality has been temporarily disabled while we investigate a potential issue. Details will be given once investigation is finalized." #PIVXWallet

PIVX Roundtable 3: Why Privacy Coins Can’t Be Stopped https://pivx.org/pivx-roundtable-3-why-privacy-coins-cant-be-stopped/ #PIVXNews
UN FUND PARTENERS WITH PIVX TO TRACK DONATIONS ON BLOCKCHAIN " PIVX is one of several projects in the crypto space that have dedicated their resources to finding a scalable solution for blockchain-based payments that is fast, secure and energy efficient. Under Dr. Doreian’s leadership, the PIVX development team is passionately focused on assisting the UN by designing custom solutions for the tracking and distribution of charitable donations [...]" #PIVXNews
PIVX makes moves in Singapore https://pivx.org/pivx-makes-moves-in-singapore/ #PIVXNews
Hey Pivians! We are LIVE TODAY at 3pm EST | 4pm PST | 7pm GMT - join us to find out "Why Privacy Coins Can't Be Stopped!" #PIVX -> https://youtu.be/2YZskfCDZqQ
I understand that this might be upsetting for some.The use of sporks is basically the anti-crypto because of the centralisation point it brings. We know that, and use the zpiv spork only in a “end of the world” scenario. And this was one. Details for the attack are published here:https://medium.com/@dev.pivx/report-wrapped-serials-attack-5f4bf7b51701- random.zebra
Finding That Good FEE-ling https://pivx.org/finding-that-good-fee-ling/ #PIVXNews
PZP (Precomputed Zerocoin Proofs)Pull Request for Precomputed Zerocoin Proofs has just been opened on GitHub. This is a key component in the upcoming 3.2 core wallet as it can significantly reduce the time it takes to send zPIV while retaining the highest privacy level. According to Jakiman "[The] Purpose of PZP is to monitor the wallet's Zerocoin mints, perform background partial witness accumulations up to 2 accumulator checkpoints deep, then retain the results in memory so that there is only ever up to 20 blocks left for computation at time of spend" A more in depth technical introduction to PZPs can be found on Github.#PIVXWallet #PIVXInfo
PIVX PLACES: Real World Adoption https://pivx.org/pivx-places-real-world-adoption/ #PIVXNews
FIRST MEETUP in the CITY EL TIGRE - VENEZUELAThank You for your work Sandra! The PIVX project continues to grow around the world. Local adoption is the goal and our PIVXAmbassadors are the ground-team!#PIVXNews
ICYMI – Introducing PIVX https://pivx.org/icymi-introducing-pivx/ #PIVXNews
The Future of Cryptocurrency is Eco Friendly https://pivx.org/the-future-of-cryptocurrency-is-eco-friendly/ #PIVXNews
PIVX Prose: Freedom or Privacy – Why Not Both? https://pivx.org/pivx-prose-freedom-or-privacy-why-not-both/ #PIVXNews
❗️PIVX CORE v3.2.1 This minor release includes additional fixes & enhancements.Already upgraded to 3.2.0? Then 3.2.1 is not mandatory but is highly recommended.Haven't upgraded to 3.2.0 yet? Please upgrade to 3.2.1 once it's out!#PIVXWallet
WHY PIVX IS BETTER THAN BITCOIN "PIVX is an updated and upgraded version of Bitcoin and is often compared to Dash, the project it was forked off. But what makes PIVX special and stand out from the rest? Here's 12 compelling reasons why you don't want to ignore this cryptocurrency." #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo
NEWSWIRE: BITCOIN ENERGY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION "Bitcoin produces more Co2 in a year than one million transatlantic flights.In more relatable terms, one single Bitcoin transaction uses enough power for 13 American homes for an entire week. Bitcoin is now responsible for nearly one percent of global energy consumption." #PIVXInfo #PIVXNews
zPIV Update by @Fuzzbawls Hello Everyone,We have an important update that will cover the current status of the situation, how we will need to proceed and some good news on what's ahead.https://forum2.pivx.org/index.php?threads/zpiv-update.85/
❗️ ZPIV VULNERABILITY IDENTIFIED: DEVs' OFFICIAL COMMENT "PIVX was not attacked using this latest vulnerability, and not affected due to zPIV having already been disabled. All user funds are safe. Nothing was lost." #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo
REPORTS OF SOME CLIENTS FORKINGThere have been reports of some wallets not matching the block explorer's block hash and getting forked.Developers are looking into the issue and will provide further updates soon.PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE RUNNING THE LAST VERSION.(You can always check the last version on the Pivx, Github or Mainboard sites)Before any coin transfer, check that you and the recipient are on the right chain. If you don't know how, here are some instructions.If you have forked, the only method confirmed working so far is to resync from own backup or linked snapshot taken prior to block 1778954 with deleting banlist.dat & peers.dat before starting the wallet. Latest core v3.2.1 remains as the recommended wallet version. Detailed instructions on how to apply a snapshot with links can be found here.#PIVXInfo #PIVXWallet
CUBA MEETUP(English Subs)Many thanks to PIVX Ambassador Pablo Luis Lara García.#PIVXNews
PIVX ACCEPTED AT ZENZO "The PIVX and ZENZO Alliance has been off to a phenomenal start! ZENZO successfully added and released PIVX as the third payment option on the ZENZO Arcade [...] This means that anyone can now purchase any game (officially listed from the ZENZO Arcade account) and pay with ZNZ, BTC, and now PIVX.""Special thanks to Fuzzbawls and Cacalillos for being the first testers and sharing suggestions to improve the overall experience." More info here and here.#PIVXNews
AVOID FORKING GUIDEUntil the next wallet release you can follow this guide to avoid forking (this tutorial assumes you have already installed version 3.2.0+ of the PIVX Core wallet): #PIVXWallet