Another SCAM ALERT reminder:1) PIVX team DOES NOT notify updates about wallet releases via private messages / DM.2) Current latest version is v4.1.1. Any higher version number DOES NOT exist currently.3) The official PIVX repository at GitHub is PIVX-Project (anything else is FAKE).Beware of scams and pay attention before downloading and running any kind of software on your system.

HISTORY OF MONEY FROM BARTER TO PIVXby PM“You need to know the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future” (V.G. Belinsky)#PIVXInfo
US POLITICIANS WANT TO HAMPER RIGHTS TO PRIVACY...AGAIN"A bill that would outlaw end-to-end encryption for technology companies was proposed by three Republican senators; meanwhile, Ava and Cardano would not yield. "Read all about it here.#PIVXNews
WHAT MAKES PIVX SPECIAL AND UNIQUE?by PM"[...] is PIVX unique or is the market already full of such projects? Uniqueness is not just big words (Hello Justin Sun). Real uniqueness is not something that first appeared, but essentially no one needs it (Hello CryptoKitties). Uniqueness is what really changes our lives for the better, in a different, hitherto unknown manner, and distinguishes us from others."#PIVXInfo
TUTORIAL: HOW TO BUY PIVX ON SIMPLESWAP"In this video, we will guide you on how to buy PIVX using our platform []. Follow just a few simple steps to exchange BTC to PIVX."#PIVXInfo #PIVXExchanges
PIVX CORE v4.2: RC1 (PRE-RELEASE) BINARIES AVAILABLEThe binaries for the pre-release RC1 of the new update for the PIVX Core wallet/client are now available.These are for testers only, people who are willing to test the new wallet on the Testnet only for now.Please, read the draft release notes first (found here).The binaries are found here.#PIVXWallet
DEV UPDATE: 13th July 2020 " This update covers the PIVX GitHub development from week 1 of June 2020 through to week 1 of July 2020, in addition to any extra announcements or news provided by the core development team." Highlights:- PIVX Core client/wallet v4.2 imminent testing release.- Recent mandatory PIVX Core v4.1 update.- Other major recent developments and highlights.- Complete Github activity.- Targets.More info here.#PIVXWallet #PIVXInfo
PIVXPODS: NOOBS GUIDE TO THE CRYPTO GALAXY!"Noobs Guide to the Crypto Galaxy! - Crypto terms explained for beginners. Your hosts will attempt to define cryptocurrency terms so even beginners can easily understand. It's not as easy as you think. Get comfortable and have your popcorn ready because this is a long episode.Jeffrey also shares the status of his Raspberry pi project"#PIVXInfo #PIVXNews
GO CRYPTOWISE: 11 BEST STAKING COINS OF 2020At Go CryptoWise they write about cryptocoins and blockchain. With content made by passionate enthusiasts, the content aims to share knowledge about the technology and investment. In this article they have made a short list of the 11 of the best staking coins of 2020.#PIVXInfo
PROPOSAL: TELEGRAM TIP BOTThis is another proposal from Zetty (...did we mention he is omnipresent? 😉).With the contract for the CoinKit bot ending, we do need another tip bot on Telegram. Wouldn't you agree?Feel free to comment on the forum or chat and let's hope that when the time comes, this proposal will pass.#PIVXInfo
NEW SIGNAL TO TAKE CARE OF THE SAFETY OF YOUR PIVsby PM"No matter how much you trust companies, intermediaries, the protection of your savings depends only on you."#PIVXInfo
❗️PIVX CORE v4.2 RELEASEDThe new final release (v4.2) of the core client/wallet is out."This is a new major version release, including various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.This version is an optional, but recommended, update for all users and services."As usual, please read the notes before downloading and installing.You'll find both notes and download links here.#PIVXWallet
HOW INTERNET IS CHANGING OUR LIVESA very brief and vague article on possible routes to a new work path with Internet and PIVX.Read more here.#PIVXNews
DEV UPDATE: 14th Aug 2020 " This update covers the PIVX GitHub development for the beginning of July 2020 through to the second week of August 2020 in addition to any extra announcements or news provided by the core development team.So much development is happening in such a short period of time that it’s very difficult to keep up!" Highlights:- Sapling Integration Code.- PIVX Core v4.2.1 in the works.- Full Github activity.- Development targets for 2020More info here.#PIVXWallet #PIVXInfo