PIVX is on MergeDEX!✅ No #KYC ✅ Ghost mixing of transactions.✅ Built on Decentralized Autonomous Cooperation ✅ (DAC) technology model.✅ Direct access to chain is not available, preventing hackers from attacks.✅ Easy, fast,low fees & secure!🌐 https://bit.ly/2n4YGB1#PIVXNews #Exchange
STATE OF THE PROJECT PIVX (OCTOBER).Interview podcast led by host Cryptosi and with Jeffrey and oNeZetty.In this episode:- The PIVX support team - Cryptocurrency in South Africa - The growing Spanish speaking community - Crypto in the LatAm community#PIVXNews
JEFFREY's FIRST ON PIVXPRESSAs mentioned few days ago, Jeffrey, the South African PIVX ambassador and activist, will be the new face of PIVXPress. Here's his first appearance, introducing himself and the new course of the news section of the YouTube channel. #PIVXPress
PIVX DEV UPDATE 1st OCT. 2019 "Just to put this amount of work into perspective, in the past 3 months, PIVX has had more unique commits than Ethereum, Monero, Decred, Waves, DASH, Zcash, and Zcoin" #PIVXWallet
PIVXPRESS: LONG AWAITED FULL NEW EPISODE IS HERE.38th Episode including:- Summary of past milestones.- Core client (Wallet) v4 update.- Community updates.#PIVXPress
BITHUMB REOPENS DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS In a communication released earlier today, the Korean based crypto exchange Bithumb inform their users that depositing and withdrawing PIVX to/from the platform is once again allowed.#PIVXExchanges
DEV UPDATE: SEGREGATED TESTING BINARIES RELEASEDAs anticipated few days ago, the latest public pre-4.0 testnet wallet that is setup to run on a separate segregated testnet to the main testnet chain has been released.Pls, follow the link above and read the release notes before downloading. All the links for the download etc. are available in the same page.#PIVXWallet
PIVX DEV UPDATE 12th NOV. 2019 "PIVX core development is progressing extremely well with numerous new commits after thorough testing, along with our first public segregated testnet release that showcases the upcoming 4.0 wallet running on the improved Proof of Stake (PoS) network! I’m also hearing that the developers will significantly improve the masternode portion of the code to make it work better with staking & syncing. At the end of all this, expect to have an awesome 4.0 wallet that will set us up for an even better 2020!" Full details in the link.#PIVXWallet
PIVX AMA ON v4 RELEASE OF THE CLIENTAn AMA (=Ask Me Anything) session was held and recorded last 4th Nov.If you like to subscribe to the PIVX Crypto channel on YouTube without registering, you can use FreeTube or similar software.For downloading and converting just the audio, you could use ClipGrab or similar software.#PIVXWallet
OUR FOUNDATIONS: PIVX & CARDANO CASE STUDIES(Podcast Review) "Two great examples of blockchain projects currently in the works are PIVX and Cardano. PIVX is a decentralized, privacy-centric cryptocurrency. Cardano is a blockchain platform with many further potential applications. This episode looks into what these projects are, their philosophies, their potential, some struggles, and more." #PIVXNews
QUICK VIDEO INTRO ON COLD STAKINGCold staking is one of the new features that has been implemented in the upcoming new version of the core client/wallet (v4.0) and it will allow staking of addresses from another wallet.Here's a quick intro by PIVX Core Developer Furszy.Here you can find a wider intro to the client published last summer.#PIVXWallet