If you have any recommendations for the subtitles, I really appreciate your comments.

Interview to Arley Lozano @VaKaNo , Co-founder & CEO Panda Exchange for PIVXpress en Español #PIVX #PIVXpress #PIVXInfo #PIVXNews https://youtu.be/OTgyfCHj5Q0 (English Subs avaliable)

Yeah, you can not be sure about the number like already @potzy said. 😁

"He" post the same in the spanish community...

How are you doing today? 😊

Today in Mexico is Día de Muertos, very important festivity 💀

Hahahaha I hope was voluntary.

And in the PIVX Report, only 6 hours into zDEX Alpha (testnet) launching

Yes, zDEX is the first decentralized exchange based in Zerocoin PIVX Protocol.

So all trades are going to be zPIV - Coins.

No only your privacy and security is going to increase, all the "trades fees" are for the masternodes network, so everyone is winning.

Yeah, sounds like FUD 🤔