Hey guys, what am I missing? We've got PIVX here that seems like a great platform and yet every time I see any article that covers privacy coins, I'm never seeing PIVX mentioned in the lineup. It certainly can't be for a lack of promotion, and Bryan does a magnificent job with that. What's it going to take to gain traction? What are the other projects doing that is giving them such an advantage?

I would say people dont Care for low cap cryptos

There are far too many high caps that started as low caps, so that cant be the case. And there are far too many who know that a solid project that is dirt cheap is a glorious gift for profits.

N N DEV wants to talk to Trump, I mean Hillary. LOL

you're right. And i sure don't like many of these crypto media platforms. They're getting to be like mainstream media.

i didnt say I didn't. Just like any other people. I like good Russians, but not bad Russians. 😉

I like good Americans, but not democrat americans LOL

Just kidding sort of... I don't care for the Republican party much either.

Everyone was talking about verge the "privacy coin" that was definitely not because of the great tech nor market cap. simply someone famous pushing it.

Exactly Marc, That's part of what made me ask the question too. I don't get why verge is getting any of this love and PIVX isn't. And if I recall, I sure do remember way back seeing interviews on YouTube with both PIVX and Verge at the same time and I had the impression they had helped each other out at some point?

I'll just delete this channel instead, thanks. There is extremely little activitiy in here for even the on-topic., so big deal that I mentioned a couple of lines otherwise and then clearly moved on. Now you're going to say something 7 mimutes later? It's dead in here dude. Other channels are cruising along. Maybe that is precisely the answer to my earlier question. Adios.