Let me know William, if you like to join the PIVX ACTIVISTS as discussed here.


Yeah. I hope you made good use of the bear run to gather strength and build foundation. This next Bull Run is going to crush all previous runs. Things are about to get real. Can you feel it?

It's day time for them, but also fewer admins lurking around at the time.

on my pc?

Yes. PC or whatever computing rig you are using.

I think 8 core is normal these days.

At least Quad Core even on the bargain basement systems.

But if you are using some other device such as a Raspberry Pi you may find it is not up to the task.

Ivor Windybottom
Hello everyone - any thoughts / recommendations / red flags on using masternode hosts?

For one thing, you want to stick to those with a strong reputation and a large pool of users. Unfortuntely, I can't offer specific personal experience because I haven't ever accumulated enough PIV to run a Masternode.

@Sparrow is the one I recall who has been hosting masternodes for PIVX for years.