→Alan Yes. Will take care of the PIVX News and keep the MAINBOARD updated. Then will see.

Well best of luck Gio, of all the group's I'm in you are head and shoulders above them all

Every wallet I ever installed shows a false positive

Suppose it's to do with the level of access the software is looking for to the processing power?

is this just fud?

Probably someone who invested in another "privacy" coin

→Alan @alexhack Hi. You do realize guys the incredible amount of work that has been done in the last year, right? How many exchanges are we on now? More than average. How many conferences? How many articles? "Recover it's marketcap?" ?? Recover from what? Do we need to do more? YES. Do we need to keep asking? Not sure....maybe it would be better if everybody understands that this is a community not a corporation. Let's start doing instead of demanding. We need more articles or marketing? Pull up your sleeves and start writing, start contacting....come on let's go. 😜😜

Gio, I believe in PIVX, otherwise I wouldn't have invested a stupid amount of money that I can't afford in the coin. But I think when you have such an amazing product, yet other inferior offerings get all the limelight. Well, common sense kicks in with me. I think a marketing drive is needed. I don't have the skillset to push that. I'm a firefighter, if you go on fire I will put you out 😂. Maybe there are people in this amazing community with the contacts and resources to get us out there. Perhaps this is a call to action. Why do we constantly hear about verge and monero in every article on privacy coins when our offering is so much better. Maybe this is the time to take the bull by the horns

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Is pivx still alive?

No, it's dead, we are all ghosts, and if you can read this your dead also,sorry bout that

Have a search for pivx news, there is loads going on

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Dont see it in the price not sure why then

My personal opinion is that the market is a bit nervous of privacy coins and regulations

But, on the flip side, PIVX is way ahead of the game, so when that nervousness disappears the price will skyrocket. Now is an amazing opportunity to buy

You using myetherwallet with the ledger?

Have a read of that

Thank you for answering

Was the amount you sent to the nano, the exact same amount including the gas or could there be any difference?

In pretty sure there is a "fee" to send the pivx

So say you send 100 coins and the fee is one. You should have 99 in the send field of the exchange

But if you send the 100 and don't include the fee the status not yet redeemed will show and the transfer won't complete

Either way, the exchange will sort it for you. Your coins won't be lost

I think it's with binance to be honest

Your getting closer to a ban with each message

Maggie Moran? There must be an Irish connection with that name 😂

That stupid post appeared in every telegram group at once

Continuously adding bots?, Suspicious

Qwertyuiop Poiuytrewq
👍 nice support (

This telegram group isn't supported, it's just general chat. They are very helpful and knowledgeable but are volunteering their time. The actual support channel is over on discord I believe

What mong said 😙