yes, no probl. ..i will just have to wait for it 😄

meanwhile, pls share some inside info. of whats going on there

i am just singing discord, i will have a look

lol, what a mistake 😄 ... my fingers are faster than me

it is under #binance_integration?

Should i use mew for sending bnb?

pivx alive again, 1000 milestone reached 🙂

and also when i was sending from exchange minimum amount is 2, so i was sending just 2 bnb each time

not very efficient 😄

actually 1 bnb is kept by exchange

Yeah, it doesnt make sense if we win by corruption, community should decide what they stand for. Even if it means not winnig.

posted on discord

i see v5 is more advanced but the stuff at the beggingin is different

my relation to pivx :D

no pivx id driven by great technology behind it, just not too many ppl realized that until now :)

This feature is available for MN only, for staking purpose serve the above commands, if there is interruption, you would know. 🙂

perhaps you can measure it with linux command "time" typed before you run the pivx-client

"Well, you have a chance of getting a reward every block. Your chance is proportional to how many coins you are staking. If you leave it on 24/7 you have that many more opportunities to get a reward. If you shut down your computer at night you're missing out on a chance to get the reward every minute that it's off. But it's not like it's impossible to get a reward if you periodically turn your machine off."

i think the reward is around 4-5%, but if you google it, i am sure you find the answers. This is of course decreased in time due to inflation.

understand, i would donate, but i am not sure if is worth it ..that's why i was asking

anything is good except hitbtc 😄 ..can u at least say it is not hitbtc?

i don't know someone might like it ...not me, though

I checked some other coins too, they claim in some of them 60x to 100x upside. Which means the total mkpt would reach over 10 trillion dollars, and that is highly unlikely. At least not in 5 years time span.

But if u believe that pivx is going to have 25bn mkpt in 5 y, then price of 450 is real :)


Scammer is someone who takes money and does nothing. He is not scammer, he just didn’t check a shit about this “iCO” if he did, he would knew we are operational fork. It doesn’t mean we cannot use his services though. Btw I agree if someone would make it for the community or because he/she believes in the project, then they would never ask for money.

I have nothing against anyone, btw great videos 👍

Shall we consider this as a business offer? Or truly as an input of someone who is interested in a community and enthusiastic about the project?

U could maybe get a reward with certain amount of piv instead, and when they appreciate, you get the amount u are looking for.

For this ☝️I suggest to make the proposal and community will decide to fund the idea. (I would, partially)

This way you can prove how much u care by accepting pivx (in fair/lower value)

Just an example: 1-5 MINUTES = ?? piv 5-10 MINUTES = ?? piv 10-15 MINUTES = ?? piv 15-20 MINUTES = ?? piv (feel free to adjust the amount)

→@getsie Hi. Somebody with the knowledge of Siraj, the one really appearing on those videos and with quite outstanding, for the average, bio ( does definitely have a very good English and definitely would know exactly what PIVX is.....I would say better than many of us. It does rise a red flag the way we have been approached and maybe the fact that we have been approached in the first place. Having said that, we have contacted Siraj (@siraj_ravaI ?) via his own official channels and we are awaiting a reply. Beyond that, it would be as easy as to make a very short introductory video for us or a trailer. Also, we have already clarified above (sorry if I wasn't clear on this) that due to the high scamming activity in this sector, paying before delivery would be out of the question, both from the community (personal initiatives aside) and the blockchain. With the above conditions satisfied, I see no way @siraj_ravaI could scam us. We would have nothing to lose. He would. We'll be awaiting his replies from his official channels.

Perfect 👌

Maverick Good
That was easy to see

You’ve got a good 👁to spot a scam 🤣😂👏👊