among other things in study

maybe you need to join a Dev channel

snappy is a marketing guy

his task is promoting pivx among users

devs are devs...but it is a good idea what you are saying...propose it to them

yes... spreading the word is always useful

yes, i think is a good idea that pivx makes tech videos

make 2 videos, one edited and one with bad words just for those learning bad words

are you using your pivx mn with other coin's mn in the same server?

there is no security issues in mn vps

you can not lose coins

coins are in desktop wallet not in mn vps

i dont want pivx to die

what is going on with pivx in order to have this bad performance??

why bip and not pip??pivx in progress??

i wish pivx goes up a lot more because fundamentals

What are fundamentals?

good development and adoption which here is good

@ONeZetty do you think it would be possible if you appear in playboy magazine promoting pivx?

i wish that happens