What about our pivx telegram bot? 🙈

Pivx Bot
Price for 1 PIVX $ 1.11 / 0.96 €

👍 Good price to buy before the course goes to the moon.

nobody wants to delete that? @admin

Go to a exchange or you are considered a scammer!

Where are the Admins here? @Mongke

Per Haugen
what do you mean? flox23 bootstrap method is faster than a standard resync and uses less bandwidth, but it does still take some time and causes high CPU usage while it is validating the blocks.

You can ask your question here in the chat

Twas a spambot

okay. I just wanted to help.

I prefer Snapshot it is very fast.

why do I have to use /main? At main domain link to zero countdown.

Zetty Deschain
smartphone cache? 🤔

It works. It was certainly my mistake. Good Job. Exchange is great! 👍👍👍