@theashp get in touch with marketing on discord or @_pivx on twitter

the marketing team is available in full force on discord ;-

Anytime, have a great one!

Doktor 백규
zPIV is.

Definitely, no doubt. Don't let a couple of orphans fool you

People that claim this typically have no idea and/or run a suboptimal setup like zPIV on RPi.

It is available and can be minted in denominations as small as 1 zPIV

In your case it's probably best to set denoms to "100" in the wallet settings

Andrej Ders
is your wallet eating a lot of RAM?

After the initial conversion of PIV to zPIV, ram usage will go down.

I am staking on a intel NUC with 4 GB, 2 different wallets

Yes. Privacy tab is used mostly for sending zpiv

PIVX and BTC are technologies. Both can't give a fuck about anything.

Cash is used for crimes every day. So what? Fungibility and privacy are the top focus for PIVX.

Technology doesnt care about ethical questions. People do.

PIVX does certainly appeal to criminals to some degree with it's features. So it does to freedom fighters and unbanked people.

That's definitely a thing

The community is free to have any opinion. Even the definition of crime is different in different countries. Technology cant address this

Well, zDEX is great because of many things. This includes money laundering if you want to see it that way. Given it's architecture, nobody can do anything about it

PIVX != zDEX btw

The unique features of both projects allow for 100% fungibility. Quite an achievement and unstoppable by design.

While i think pivx/zdex should not have a marketing push to cheer money laundering, fungibility is a key selling point

You replied to the wrong person

Vitek is the one with the money laundering argument

Michael McLaughlan
Do you think that Zdex launch will have an effect on PIVX?

As soon as volume picks up yes. PIVX gets quite some interesting pairs then

Send them to your PIVX address

There are no fees for sends

thats because of your demons of 1

If you dont know your way around the rpc api use the console like this

spendzerocoin false false 5 $PIVXADDRESS

In your case 450/7 =64 times max

You can press up and return in a loop, command doesnt change

Deactivate autominting upfront

Makes sense, the command line will do and you will be good in 5 minutes

If not, hit support on discord

sounds pretty awful

Will work 😎😋

Hit the discord support channel please