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PIVX CLASS EP35: CLIENT ADVICE - DIFFERENT TYPES OF CLIENTS "Hey guys, we released a short format video talking about different cryptocurrency wallet types last week, but many found it to not explain enough. So, we've remade that video as a full length, but simple guide on different wallet types. We lightly go over the pros and cons of these wallets and which are preferable depending on your needs. Hope you like it!" #PIVXNews #PIVXClass #PIVXInfo

I just watched Crypto Love blog on Youtube that PIVX has a staking program.

Is there a youtube channel where pivx devs talk/give interviews?

Is there a youtube channel where pivx devs talk/give interviews?

There's PIVX Class and PIVX Crypto on YouTube. There's Twitter @_pivx I think. There's a newsletter you can sign up for on the website. There's also @pivxnews feed on Telegram. Last and bestly, if you speak Spanish, @ONeZetty has YouTube too!

This may be a very overwatched example but I think it's an absolutely amazing technical video
Everyone was talking about verge the "privacy coin" that was definitely not because of the great tech nor market cap. simply someone famous pushing it.

Exactly Marc, That's part of what made me ask the question too. I don't get why verge is getting any of this love and PIVX isn't. And if I recall, I sure do remember way back seeing interviews on YouTube with both PIVX and Verge at the same time and I had the impression they had helped each other out at some point?

New daily format here guys would appreciate some love and feedback on the video comments, if you would be so kind:
Bitcoin Private vs Monero vs Dash vs Zcash vs Verge vs Pirate - Privacy Coin Overview Pt 1 of 5 - YouTube
TokenPay, ZCash, BTC Private, Zen. ZkSnarks Vs Pirate Chain - Privacy Coin Overview Pt 2 of 5 - YouTube
Blockchain Takes Manhattan - YouTube

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