Is there a way to tell the difference between my node getting a chance to stake but not fast enough to win the reward vs not having enough coin to have a resonable chance to even try.

on the block explorer in the wallet I see a lot of 1str transaction with a even 3pivx moving with an account value going up by 2. Is that a reward being sent out?

I'm going to ban anyone who mentions it again. This is the warning

Just trying to catch up with the zDex. Is there going to be any extra reward for masternodes when it's fully operational?

When the same for PIVX ?

Dash is making some cool progress. PIVX has a different set of challenges for the most part. Our Zerocoin transactions are much larger. This is why Bulletproofs could be helpful.We also have a tail emission and will have elastic blocks which in the opinion of some, has solved the scaling problem.Over time, thanks to our DAO, PIVX can fund it's own development. Our nodes and Masternodes will get more capable over time too.Dash has a long term plan to create Dash ASICS and hardware requirements for Masternodes. They will scale blocksize heavily. I think blocks go up from 5MB to several hundred megabytes.

Important notice for users of the PIVX Android Wallet or the PIVX Light Desktop Wallet:A syncing issue has been identified and acknowledged that requires a software update in order to resolve. While pushing the required update is, in itself, a trivial task...scheduling unavailabilities and the forthcoming ZLNP update have resulted in the decision to "hold off" on pushing multiple updates in quick succession.It is advised that users of any PIVX-branded light node wallet exercise patience at this time. If funds access is time critical, however, there are steps that can be taken to import funds into a core wallet if need be.Fuzzbawls, PIVX Core Developer.

The question is stake piv or zpiv

🤔 I stake zPIV even if I don't win the reward, I happy to help with the anonymity. 😎

Do you mind to tell why ?I’m considering to stake too ...

He does it for contibuting to network anonimity. Zpiv staking also gives larger rewards but requres a modern pc. Piv staking has a lot more modest pc requirements but the rewards are smaller.

Well Raspberry runs a Debian Linux version. Gonna give a try.

I have tried. The wallet will work slowly. You will be able to make tx. Staking will only result in orphans so you will not get any rewards.

Vitek Hi buddy. I hope i dont bug you to much but can you tell me what is your opinion on hardware requiremsnt to have a succesfull zpiv staking?

Last two weeks i turned back to piv and the rewards are smaller but at least they exist :-)

I'm in a doubt, should I use the same wallet&hardware with 500/500 piv/zpiv or 500 piv on one wallet&hardware and 500 zpiv on completely different wallet&hardware. There are options for sure. What would you do girls and boys?

I would try same cheaper hardware and if I get orphans on zpiv then change to better hardware until it works well

Good team, smart contracts, privacy, quick affordable payment system, staking rewards

Yeah, best software is a fork, is the Linux way, 😎

After being a longterm pivx holder I got out.Reasons being.- Support on website didnt help me fix my problems. No replies for months.- Client keeps closing out of nowhere.- Never ever been able to get zpiv staking.- Staking rewards are too low- client usage is very user unfriendly- balance +/ - dont show up well after minting zpiv back and forth.- overall unstability and needing to resync and download the blockchain data over and over again loosing time and stakes.I hope this comment can help the team improve this product.I lost faith in the product.Wish you all good luck

Pivx Bot
1 PIVX Masternode costs $ 8500.0 / 7400.0 €

nd what is the reward for owning one there a calculator??

No date yet that I am aware of.

Zetty Deschain
Use the is a calculator in this website

I know the calculator. I would like to read the reward by script without the whole blockchain. Do you know what i mean?

In read only you can access any wallet

I'm sure a piven but i would like to determine the annual return of investment of serveral coins too. To determine the annual reward of each coin I have to download each blockchain. To avoid this I would like to use external services. I hope it became understandable.