Then, if you don't see it in your wallet, next thing to check is to make sure your wallet is sync'd.

What wallet are you using?

Wallet Core 32 bit

How does my wallet synchronize?

Before you follow those steps, how far behind is your wallet?

Yes, but do not forget to first make a backup of the wallet.dat file, OK?

Please can anyone help? I am trying to transfer my PIVX to my ledger wallet. The trial transaction went well but the main one got stuck. Does anyone knows what this mean?

Those files will be rebuilt when you start the wallet.

I was gonna setup a pivx masternode. Ive got a mac air. What wallet do i need to download?

Theres the light wallet

The light wallet is more like the mobile wallet for desktop.

The explorer is just a frontend of the core wallet, so if there is a rpc command you can do it

There is certainly a rpc command with which I can realize this. As far as I know I can only access my own wallet via rpc api. I am looking for an external possibility. Do you know one?

My wallet, on Mac, doesn’t complete the synch...and I can’t find out why!!

or can you find a user manual of the wallet pivx on android?

I am trying to move coins from PIVX Core to my Ledger wallet. I have certain amount in zPIV Balance. How can I move this coins to my PIVX balance? Please help.