I voted from several servers, mobile devices, home, office :D

If you have not VOTED yet, please vote for PIVX here: 😃 If you have VOTED already, you can vote AGAIN every 24 hours (or with a new IP) 😍

why you all dont vote in numex?

vote for pivx and particl. particl community vote for pivx

you have 3 vote in day

Even tough as Pivx we don't need a new exchange if you can vote purple why not vote purple.

Remember though, PIVX has a governance system. Masternodes can vote which distributes political power in a special way.

if you need help with votes txbit, please contact private messages, 0,0000050 BTC / VOTE.

Hello everyone, let's vote in weight on PIVX so it's listed in this wallet

You can vote for PIVX every 24 hours

Like I said there, it's well worth the effort to vote - Netcoins has a pretty cool solution if you haven't heard of them before.

If you don't comprende, no problem, just vote up my video please 👍🏼

Why doesnt people from discord join this action? Theres a lot more votes just sitting there. Should somebody remind them that we serve the same casue