Is PIVX dead?

Lol has just been added a cny trading pair against pivx (bitebtc)

In read only you can access any wallet

I'm sure a piven but i would like to determine the annual return of investment of serveral coins too. To determine the annual reward of each coin I have to download each blockchain. To avoid this I would like to use external services. I hope it became understandable.

Does anyone know of fmz quant and ever trade PIVX on it? I heard that normal users could write trading bot on their platform for selling profit. How does they do that?

can a admin write me per pn please? There i have a problem with my masternode.Failed to sart pivx1. Error: Could not allocate txin "then hash" for masternode "my IP"Is it normal for the transaction to be 9000 pivx and 1000 automatically converted to zpiv?This is confusing and i don´t know if this is the problem.

masternode is enable now! thank you ;) can you tell me with which comand i can check if its working on my server?

Use the following command to check status:masternode statusYou should see something like:{“vin” : “CTxIn(COutPoint(masternode output, index), scriptSig=)”,“service” : “ip:51472”,“pubkey” : “masternode address”,“status” : “Masternode successfully started”}
Currently syncing the blockchain.. I'll be back in a few days 😉

Bootstrap: prefer snapshot 👍

or can you find a user manual of the wallet pivx on android?