@Technologyartist what do you mean by fungible? The anonymous version of pivx (zPIV) is only characterised by its denomination. Each zpiv of 5 piv is undistinguishable from any other zpiv of 5 piv

Making a general video and using PIVX as a specific example could get other projects to use the video for explaining their technology.

Mike Manderfeen
If BTC or LTC adopt a privacy model Do you think they would impact PIVX (or other privacy coins) negatively?

Perhaps. It's difficult to tell since the technology is so different. I believe that governance is crucial for sustainable development in crypto. Considering the tech is always improving, we need constant income to feed our Devs.

We are excited to announce our new MOU agreement with UIOEX Exchange in Seoul, South Korea! Along with PIVX getting listed on the exchange upon their grand opening of the global exchange set to happen soon, we are also the very first cryptocurrency on UIOEX to hold a live customer Q&A session at the exchange and is scheduled on September 22 Morning KST. We hope that our responses can provide more clarification on our vision, technology and the benefits it brings to many new investors and users in South Korea and globally. [Korean] UIOEX 거래소에 상장 될 코인과 세계 최초 "MEET UR TEAM" 주제로 개발자와 고객이 만날 수 있는 소통의 장을 진행 예정이며 그 첫번째 주인공이 피벡스 (PIVX)로 결정 되었습니다. 자세한 내용은 아래 공지 링크로 확인해주세요~ Official Exchange Announcement: National Newspaper Press:
Respectable, therefore very passionate?

I'm passionate about privacy, sustainability, security, honesty, technology, altruism... Lots of things haha. PIVX and it's community really embody these things.

Technology doesnt care about ethical questions. People do.

The community is free to have any opinion. Even the definition of crime is different in different countries. Technology cant address this

Big fan of pivx technology don’t have any yet but that s what i asked for xmas !