Musk is an entrepreneur, not an technical guy, he just do marketing

Musk used to be a technical guy. He was a programmer.

There does not have to be many technical videos. It's nothing like PIVX press. They do not have to come out regularly. It doesn't have to take the devs an enormous amount of time (editing can be done by someone else).

I'd love to see super technical videos on this too.

Mike Manderfeen
If BTC or LTC adopt a privacy model Do you think they would impact PIVX (or other privacy coins) negatively?

Perhaps. It's difficult to tell since the technology is so different. I believe that governance is crucial for sustainable development in crypto. Considering the tech is always improving, we need constant income to feed our Devs.

you know masternodes are kind of technical...have you considered simply staking some PIVX

We are excited to announce our new MOU agreement with UIOEX Exchange in Seoul, South Korea! Along with PIVX getting listed on the exchange upon their grand opening of the global exchange set to happen soon, we are also the very first cryptocurrency on UIOEX to hold a live customer Q&A session at the exchange and is scheduled on September 22 Morning KST. We hope that our responses can provide more clarification on our vision, technology and the benefits it brings to many new investors and users in South Korea and globally. [Korean] UIOEX 거래소에 상장 될 코인과 세계 최초 "MEET UR TEAM" 주제로 개발자와 고객이 만날 수 있는 소통의 장을 진행 예정이며 그 첫번째 주인공이 피벡스 (PIVX)로 결정 되었습니다. 자세한 내용은 아래 공지 링크로 확인해주세요~ Official Exchange Announcement: National Newspaper Press:

Hello, This is Vincenzo Niglio co-founder of sidera blockchain Technologies , i want contact the CEO of PIVX for a request. Regards

I'm a coder, not a ui guy. I can probably say what I'm unhappy about on github but I don't have the skill/knowledge/talent to fix it.

To best address this issue, I think there's an abundance of highly skilled talent in pivx working overtime to create an outstanding backend with bleeding edge technologies

I think we've identified the niche of great backend, privacy and technological improvement as the most cost effective and impactful (the most efficient) vector to appreciate this project

The features that distinguish a coin from the others are support, team quality, sales strategy and technological equipment. so I invested in PIVX.

Streng Geheim
i always do ( but you mean especially for this? )

Technically, as long as you've backed up since 3.0.2, you should be fine. Backups are now utilising dzPIV seed. This means any current and future mints/ spends are stored in the backup.

We can be nice and helpful to each other so we can all learn and enjoy this tech.

Respectable, therefore very passionate?

I'm passionate about privacy, sustainability, security, honesty, technology, altruism... Lots of things haha. PIVX and it's community really embody these things.

Eventough the zerocoin protocol was never implemented on bitcoin this can technically be used in the same way by converting btc to zPiV sending it to someone who can convert back to any new btc address.

And if its not working for me, and i do have some technical knowledge, how can we expect it to work for the newcomers

We are 3 weeks away from zDEX testnet release, and 5 weeks away from mainnet release. First fully anonymous DEX using zeroknowledge tech.

PIVX and BTC are technologies. Both can't give a fuck about anything.

Technology doesnt care about ethical questions. People do.

The community is free to have any opinion. Even the definition of crime is different in different countries. Technology cant address this

I think you don't understand that I fully understand how the tech works and that tech and how tech is used are different things. My argument was only about how people here (and in discord) will talk about pivx. Will they say "It's great to launder money" or will they say "It's totally private so you can be confident that your tx are not sold to 3rd parties"

I don't think so, there are so many coins already. The variation of tech solutions is very high. No need for new coins anymore. The market will rise once already established coins actually get adopted

I'm just getting started in the PIVX world and I've noticed reference to chat on here, discord and slack and they have a wiki. Is the chat spread according to type, technical, social, beginners, developer etc. Im asking because I have a lot of beginner type questions and dont want to offend by starting in the wrong place.

16GB is better than 2GB. There is no difference between 16GB and 8 GB. Not sure if 8 is better than 4.

This has been very helpful thankyou. I have lots more to learn but first I need to get a wallet either the core or the light. The core will take all night to load and I cant figure out how to start the light. its a jar file and the standard java -jar incantation gives me Error: Could not find or load main class tech.furszy.MainApp
Zetty Deschain
PIVX have an official mobile wallet.

I've been trying to download the moble wallet. I get a java jar file but i've been unable to run it. java -jar filename.jar incantation gives me Error: Could not find or load main class tech.furszy.MainApp. How did you get it to work?

some folks 😊 have the technical ability but not the 10,000 PIVX. can a trade be worked out. Is there a mechnism to establish reputation, on both sides? Does the pivx eco system have a thrid party escrow process

Hope so otherwise its not open to the broader public, many people use either windows or an apple. Linux is more used by tech savy people.

Guys, I'll be away the next 4 days. Please reach out on discord for more technical questions.Also, check the link in this chat description. There are a lot of resources there.

And the tech is solid, I had 2 dash nodes back in the day. Had them since it was dark coin. I sold off when dash mooned to 5 bucks and felt like a genius cause I wouldn’t have to deal with keeping 2 masternodes up. Dude... don’t be me...

The Fast and the Frictionless: Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange with Shakepay – Techvibes

Is there a guide or tutorial on setting up a masternode for people with limited technical abilities? Something simply?

chuck u. farley
Is there a guide or tutorial on setting up a masternode for people with limited technical abilities? Something simply?

You will need some technical assistance, because "you will need some technical abilities" it can be no easy if you not have some help.

Big fan of pivx technology don’t have any yet but that s what i asked for xmas !