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i don't get people getting angry because they're not getting rich while sitting in front of a computer

It's just people with no trading or investing experience.. they dont understand ebb and flow.... and how rediculous these gains are... you'll never make this kind of money with stocks unless you have inside info or use crazy leverage

What do u mean in “ladder”?

Laddering means you don't buy all the tokens or stocks at a single price, i.e. Go in with 20-40% of investable capital first and then buy more at a later time point in case price drops. Good strategy for longterm investing.

I invested in bunch of projects, PIVX is on that list, and I am very sceptical to the ICOs, so i buy interesting projects on stocks only

Kick off the Burkenstocks.

@wdmason Canadians are not the only people to wear Burkenstocks these days.

lol...Burkenstocks...don't wear those myself, though their warehouse is a few minutes away from where I live

But splitting your assets between several cryptos, stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals. It just makes sense to diversify.