Settings - options had the same non response result

Meaning all unresponsive and unable to drag the window

JAPANESE REGULATORS BAN PRIVATE CRYPTOCURRENCIES By Veramis, PIVX Official response to recent developments in Japan. "Regardless of what privacy coins regulations may come to pass, existing and upcoming anonymous and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges will ensure the survival and success of cryptocurrencies with privacy-protecting features." #PIVXNews
THE REALITY OF THE PIVX COIN SUPPLY By Turtleflax Official response to a recent article that inaccurately reflected PIVX coin supply statistics. "When you account for the Anonymous “address” the actual Top 10 and Top 100 distribution numbers are 11.9% and 25.3% respectively, not 64% and 99%. I would invite you to check out accurate data directly from our official block explorer here or node data here." #PIVXNews

I would like to send email or talk with responsible person in private.


⬆️PIVX SPONSORED KKS RAWA KATOWICE KEEPS WINNING⬆️ After winning the City League Arena Soccer and beating the national champions, they are heading towards Warsaw to represent the city into the region. #PIVXNews

→ Great Southern Enterprise Hi. Welcome to our chat. 😉 The main benefits to MN are that you can set it up with a VPS and keep it running 24/7 without having to keep your PC on all that time. In addition, you can vote for (or against) proposal. Other than that, market aside (situation which is common to all cryptos), PIVX is advancing at a very good pace and the community is looking forward to the upcoming Light Wallet and, above all, the zDEX. We post all the official news here and tag them. The main tag is PIVXNews (tags are preceded by the # symbol). Just click on those or type them in the chat search-box and you'll get the correspondent list arranged by date. Other than that, please read the Group Info. Hope it helps. 🙏🏽


Hello admin response me

Hello admin response me

THE PIVX LIGHT WALLET IS HERE! Responding to may Pivians' prayers, here's the new baby from the PIVX devs. #PIVXNews #PIVXWallet

Thanks for the fast responds I'm looking forward to this great Feature!

Hello admin response me

MASTERNODE BUZZ: INTERVIEW WITH CRYPTO S.I. (Part 1) Tom Dumoni of Masternode Buzz interviews Crypto S.I. about PIVX. "This week's interview is with PIVX team member Crypto S.I. He has been obsessed with crypto since 2012 and joined the PIVX team several months after its launch in 2016, where he is responsible for governance modelling." #PIVXNews
PIVXPRESS: JULY 13th, 2018 Discussed this week: -New Wallet 3.1.1 -Improved GUI -zPOS adjustment & fixes -zPIV v1 Fixes -PIVX Sports -PIVX Art sponsorship -zDEX -3rd party decentralised exchange using PIVX MASTERNODES -Exchange listing updates -Governance and community updates -Conference and meetup updates #PIVXInfo #PIVXPress #PIVXNews
PIVXSPORTS: SPONSORING ATHLETES TRYING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Check out this interview and article on one such athlete, surfer Tarnea O'Meara #PIVXNews

Ok, here is my score of the 3.1.1 core client on windows 10 so far... 5 crashes total 2 restarted fine 3 required snapshot backup Crash #5 was due to qt not responding, tried forced close thru task mgr w/o success, restarted windows went into restart loop. Eventually had to crl/alt/del with power button to end process... It's not 100% , but better?

What was most confusing was the qt not responding... took over my laptop. LoL!

My client has locked up a few times (not responding) & I can't close/exit softly.

when will pivx sponsor real Madrid shirt?

@a6patch If you havn't already, check out the #pivx_Development channel on the PIVX Discord (linked below). This response was given to the inquiry about PWA by @btc247: the PWA approach for ios might cause headaches. If data is purged after a few weeks... "Limitations compared with native iOS apps The app can store offline data and files only up to 50 Mb If the user doesn’t use the app for a few weeks, iOS will free up the app’s files. The icon will still be there on the home screen, and when accessed the app will be downloaded again No access to some features, such as Bluetooth, serial, Beacons, Touch ID, Face ID, ARKit, altimeter sensor, battery information No access to execute code while in the background No access to private information (contacts, background location) and also no access to native social apps No access to In App Payments and many other Apple-based services On iPad, no access to work with Side or Split Views sharing the screen with other apps, PWAs will always take the whole screen No Push Notifications, no icon badge or Siri integration"

HI All,.... Looking to expand my portfolio your name came up in on another Coin where i hold due to a hosting platform launch.... I will happily do more reading as i'm not a leap without understanding future longevity. Due diligence always first.... how are you finding this Dev / Coin / Progress and what can you tell me before i start reading? Appreciate any responses Mike

We are excited to announce our new MOU agreement with UIOEX Exchange in Seoul, South Korea! Along with PIVX getting listed on the exchange upon their grand opening of the global exchange set to happen soon, we are also the very first cryptocurrency on UIOEX to hold a live customer Q&A session at the exchange and is scheduled on September 22 Morning KST. We hope that our responses can provide more clarification on our vision, technology and the benefits it brings to many new investors and users in South Korea and globally. [Korean] UIOEX 거래소에 상장 될 코인과 세계 최초 "MEET UR TEAM" 주제로 개발자와 고객이 만날 수 있는 소통의 장을 진행 예정이며 그 첫번째 주인공이 피벡스 (PIVX)로 결정 되었습니다. 자세한 내용은 아래 공지 링크로 확인해주세요~ Official Exchange Announcement: National Newspaper Press:
PIVX Team in Bogotá, Colombia. Meet 4 PIVX Ambassadors at this MeetUp and also at Blockchain Summit LATAM. They will just be attending, as PIVX is not a sponsor, but keep an eye open for the Purple!
We're all equally liable to the successes and lackings of our project

No we aren't. Don't play that game. Devs (that get paid) and MN owners are the ones responsible. I'm just an enthusiast user.

I'm a coder, not a ui guy. I can probably say what I'm unhappy about on github but I don't have the skill/knowledge/talent to fix it.

It's not about supposed "responsibility", it's about consequences. If you invest or believe in a project, you can either act to make it better and benefit yourself and others or not.

@LuLu8980 I'm not expert on Chinese market, so I'm not qualify the response.

I posted on discord and no one has responded yet...Im tempted to test a transfer but wouldnt want to if the balance is incorrect

By @s3v3nh4cks (10/1/18 - 1:14 PM) Here are the (5) winning submissions 1st 81512a988607fecb54efc956e318a36b0fe7a46d028715c2861c491ef72ffaba 2nd 143ccaa1a5632ab394d114eec6b49f009bae4bcab6607a859ccb17633fd09a19 3rd cfcf13c3ef6f079c174e17e0c5002518f82ed0299d041221706403a3f73caa4f 4th 40d0dd27324a50e062d431f63ed4152aeed07a753eca948e445b331731ee16e1 5th 4175267de1cb7422b85cf5670bec656e42ec873d6f0fda0bd8079f85838cf3d7 6th 6cd52e2ea141371bef18c24b461ccc47ea921c8acff20239b9c8c4fa96a8a07c 7th 210865fa85b4331120148388b2be21280934fb155caf401a67356f40ca8cde95 8th 2c37399271825ddc9d9d8e91bee5f168af42c505042f64bed36a3ff19caa85ce 9th e75a63ba4e6f812cced833c2e2c7694e139de38cd5c7bc6e46dd3510ae35c6ce 10th 3bb904a3bca38abbe72b8bc5491af31f4826abdd9ccab1b864db5b445513d375 If any of these are unable to respond or win more than 1 set of tickets, then the following alternates will be used Here is the link to verify the winners and that your hash was included in the drawing. People will need to respond with a signed message belonging to the addresses that made the submissions. withing 14 days so end of Day Midnight on Oct. 14th PST The signed message should be "PIVX Cruise Tickets Giveaway 2018" I am trying to post some info, sorry for deleting messages between my posts.. Here are some instructions to follow.

Hello, can you provide me with information how much you charge to send an ad or sponsored message to the Telegram group. Thank you.

if they are compromised and rest of nodes support only 5 coins that responsible for 99% of volume..

okay. I just wanted to help.

All good. There have been dozens of bots coming in asking "Where can I get help in this group?" Or "What can I get from this group?". Someone kind like you will respond but they never comment again. Very weird.

Mr, @ethguy2016 we responded to you and try to help you, but you keep saying the same. Be nice please.