Well I get it but the pool offers hosting and other services. Basically if you do not want to manage your wallet or your master node which can sometimes be a pain in the butt you can just have the pool do so and of course only if you trust it.

The only issue in crypto is that this environment is tricky for most and for those who have already gone through the learning curve they get frustrated by those who are genuinely just trying to figure what the hell crypto is all about.

We can be nice and helpful to each other so we can all learn and enjoy this tech.

i agree, crypto has a bright future - but can be a little frustrating and daunting so it's fair to help

the trust is for the code, no for the people.

You shouldn't trust a proyect just because the picture "looks nice".

Do you know how I can get onto PIVX network other than wallet to check if my private key and public key are truly linked?

You could use the hash your private key but I don't see why you wouldn't trust the core client. Is there a problem?

Is there any Admin available to answer my question?

It's unclear how many updates will happen per year. We don't have a set schedule. System requirements will probably depend on what features you select for the Masternode. Probably starting at around 4 cores, 4GB RAM. I could be wrong here but I'd guess that if you opt-in for zDEX, requirements would be higher and if you support mobile wallets as a trusted node, perhaps higher. I'm not a Masternode owner nor a dev so perhaps someone else can comment.

pruning would be good, it took almost three days to sync, I cannt image any of my neighbors or nearby bussiness people doing that. I'm now interested in seeing the network traffic to stay in sync.

In future, you have far better options to sync:1. Backup your existing files to make a snapshot you can trust.2. Download a trustless bootstrap (slow)3. Download a trusted snapshot (fast)

It's like restoring the chain from a trusted backup.

I’ve been frustrated in the past too. Relax, take a deep breath. It will get fixed. I’ve dealt with all kinds of chain split issues and come out ok. Don’t forget to tip your supporter, I hooked my guy up. It took 3 days. Be patient bro.

All right, I don't know much about it, I trust you.