All larger masternode projects there are instructions with github link etc. unfortunately not here. 😕

Support : Pivx


don´t know how to do. with zcoin, zen, smart etc i haven´t this problems. there i can use the github link for download the blockchain on my server.

started 10,000 pivxdid not understand anything further

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Is very important to do it.

your best bet is to go to discord and to the #support channel . someone there will be able to assist

Those files will be rebuilt when you start the wallet.

Which instructions?

instructions here Mong

You will be missing certain files but they will be recreated when you open PIVX Core.

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The explorer is just a frontend of the core wallet, so if there is a rpc command you can do it

There is certainly a rpc command with which I can realize this. As far as I know I can only access my own wallet via rpc api. I am looking for an external possibility. Do you know one?ÇA A MOEDA PIVX + Sorteio de 20 PIVX ou R$35 na cotação de hojeFormulário para participar

can a admin write me per pn please? There i have a problem with my masternode.Failed to sart pivx1. Error: Could not allocate txin "then hash" for masternode "my IP"Is it normal for the transaction to be 9000 pivx and 1000 automatically converted to zpiv?This is confusing and i don´t know if this is the problem.

masternode is enable now! thank you ;) can you tell me with which comand i can check if its working on my server?

Use the following command to check status:masternode statusYou should see something like:{“vin” : “CTxIn(COutPoint(masternode output, index), scriptSig=)”,“service” : “ip:51472”,“pubkey” : “masternode address”,“status” : “Masternode successfully started”}
Currently syncing the blockchain.. I'll be back in a few days 😉

Bootstrap: prefer snapshot 👍

I am trying to move coins from PIVX Core to my Ledger wallet. I have certain amount in zPIV Balance. How can I move this coins to my PIVX balance? Please help.