Hi guys, is there any news regarding the Dex or the dandelion protocol? I haven't followed the chat lately...thanks!

the dandelion isnt as important as we already have effective client privacy via tor + one of the best transactional privacy solutions

privacy and banning dont go well together

"As long as they keep their zPIV as optional, we will know that they are not as serious about privacy as we would like them to be. Their one true competition is Monero. If they do not go private by default by the end of this year, we can consider PIVX not to be serious about privacy." this is from the dollar Vigalante.

"Privacy is not a topic one can afford ambivalence in. PIVX as a young coin is a good buy as the increase of its worth is tied to its privacy. PIVX recently announced that around 20% of its network is private via its zPIV- Zero Knowledge implementation."

i sure hope pivx go 100% private. has to be default and mandotory.

Privacy is indeed incentivized in pivx but we aim to be a currency with applications in the real world where that choice is more than relevant.

Again, the fact PIVX provides a privacy layer comparable if not superior to Monero's, for a fraction the tx price is quite an achievement.

The beauty of pivx is that there is no coercion in your approach to your coins and their privacy. All there is is a positive incentive for anonymity which in turn renders all other zpiv mints more private.

noone disagrees with teh quality of pivx privacy, but it can only be truley private if all transactions are. if u send 10 tx pubilc, then one private, well, red flag, then cia send a swap team

Privacy for the people, transparency for governance.

"As long as they keep their zPIV as optional, we will know that they are not as serious about privacy as we would like them to be. Their one true competition is Monero. If they do not go private by default by the end of this year, we can consider PIVX not to be serious about privacy." this is from the dollar Vigalante.

Strong words with nothing to back them up. I would actually like to see someone compromise privacy of zpiv once dandellion protocol is implemented. I bet it's going to be extremely difficult. Privacy in pivx is fundamentally different from that of monero. Monero needs everyone to use ring ct mixing in order to function properly. I think zpivx does not.

I think we've identified the niche of great backend, privacy and technological improvement as the most cost effective and impactful (the most efficient) vector to appreciate this project

Hey guys, what am I missing? We've got PIVX here that seems like a great platform and yet every time I see any article that covers privacy coins, I'm never seeing PIVX mentioned in the lineup. It certainly can't be for a lack of promotion, and Bryan does a magnificent job with that. What's it going to take to gain traction? What are the other projects doing that is giving them such an advantage?

pivix is a very good project and best privacy coin small supply... this coin is going to rock this bullrun 😎

Under privacy tab on left of pivx qt wallet

Respectable, therefore very passionate?

I'm passionate about privacy, sustainability, security, honesty, technology, altruism... Lots of things haha. PIVX and it's community really embody these things.

Writing an article on pivx. Seems like it’s the fastest developing privacy coin atm

Look at where people consider anonimity to be in the future with the value of some privacy coin 100 times that of pivx

Portfolio Track
What is the current ratio?

I think it's about 15m to 40m zPIV to PIV respectively. I could be wrong. You can check in the core client in the Privacy tab.

Andrej Ders
as I say that is about 2-4 time more than other walets

You see, I run a Monero node too. It's much larger in storage (10-20x larger) and transactions cost around 10-1000x more and half as fast. There's a lot to compare but needless to say, I run both. This is the cost of privacy. I happily pay that cost. The things I spend money on are my business. The things like care about and love are private until I say otherwise.

they really like privacy

I dont need to do anything in PRIVACY tab?

Yes. Privacy tab is used mostly for sending zpiv

Focusing on privacy doesn’t mean one’s got something to hide, just saying

Cash is used for crimes every day. So what? Fungibility and privacy are the top focus for PIVX.

Is the privacy better than say ZCoin, zcash or Monero??

No only your privacy and security is going to increase, all the "trades fees" are for the masternodes network, so everyone is winning.

Christopher Krueger
Is this coin still relevant? The only reason is I purchased a wile back and forgot about. after doing a bunch of research it doesn’t seem like there is a good case for the use of PIVX. Compare to Montero or z cash or bitcoin... Can someone help with better research data. It seems it fell from top 10 to top 100.

We try not to compare but those are all PoW. PoW has poorly-aligned incentives when multiple currencies are GPU-mineable. Bitcoin is safe from this but there's a problem with an ever increasing power-requirement.Zcash is gives 10% of the PoW block reward to investors, founders and developers. PIVX is sorta like Dash (democratic funding) + Zcash (zero-knowledge proofs) + Blackcoin (PoSv3) + Monero (tail emission + elastic blocks + incoming I2P integration) + killer community (ambassadors, active members, DAO-funded projects) and reliable, innovative developers who have repeatedly unveiled completely new innovations eg. zPoS.PIVX has scalable privacy and high security regardless of how the computational landscape might change as well as a proven commitment to innovation.

Privacy in PIVX comes from zPIV. The wallet generates a zPIV deterministic seed. This is sorta like a private private key. This allows you to access your zPIV balance. zPIV is actually stored in accumulator addresses so no-one can see who owns them unless they have the zPIV seed.

About privacy

Yeah and I like pivx for privacy options which I think is the main driver

Bitcoin Private vs Monero vs Dash vs Zcash vs Verge vs Pirate - Privacy Coin Overview Pt 1 of 5 - YouTube
TokenPay, ZCash, BTC Private, Zen. ZkSnarks Vs Pirate Chain - Privacy Coin Overview Pt 2 of 5 - YouTube

Good team, smart contracts, privacy, quick affordable payment system, staking rewards

My personal belief is that PIVX currently has the best vision of privacy in the top 100 MCAP coins. People do not currently value privacy enough. We know this as people compulsively give up personal information on social media, don't object to privacy-destroying policies from governments and have a "nothing to hide" attitude to life.I am of the opinion that we need privacy as a fundamental human right and that the vast majority of the top 100 coins do not accomplish this in a sustainable way.

Sebi p
Even monero? I'm not into technicals but I thought pivx and xmr have equal privacy?

Monero has very strong privacy. It's probably around equal to PIVX. Monero is PoW and ASIC-resistant and therein lies some sustainability issues.

Coming Soon for PIVX1. Major 3.2 core wallet with Atomic Swap (BIP 65), ZKP Pre-compute, UI/UX improvements & more.2. World's first SPV mobile wallet with Zerocoin Light Node Protocol privacy support.3. Another top tier exchange listing. Follow us on Twitter