hello! As I see the most attractive price of PIVX is on CoinExchange today. Has anybody worked with this exchange? How is it? I get used to work Cryptopia – there also listed MGO (MobileGo), which price is rising fast now. But I’d like to know about the condition of exchange on CoinExchange if somebody has tried it.

I consider investing in PIVX and I noticed a positive trend for last month. Are there any particular reasons for such growth of token price?

wow, looking at the chart pivx price really did rose from it was only .002usd way back 2016

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Price for 1 PIVX $ 1.36 / 1.19 €

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Hi! Im testing some stuff. Use /price to get the current PIVX price. Price change is available via:/changeHour/changeDay/changeWeekAddress commands:/balance

Qeustions? Write to *Pivchen#6106* on the PIVX Discord.Donation: DCBQouK2KnJ3ZTzKz9WNbT2oH8uYrECUHe

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Price for 1 PIV $ 0.76 / 0.00017547 BTC