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I understand the propose, but make fell like weird 😅

I believe it’s TPOS you keep your own private keys to the wallet

zPOS orphan rate should be reduced from that version.

Is its chain and coding similar to DASH and Monero?

So, Dash and Monero are PoW.Monero has a tail emission of 0.6XMR per block. This means miners are always incentivised to verify transactions even if fees are low.PIVX also has a tail emission which is the current phase. This is because we are PoS.PIVX is a fork of Dash which I believe is a fork of Litecoin which is a fork of Bitcoin. We utilise code from a huge range of currencies including Zerocoin.We have no smart contracts haha.

PIVX is sorta like Dash + Monero + Blackcoin (first PoSv3 currency)

Sebi p

Not chain splits. Just people copying the repository on GitHub.

PIVX:60k premisePoW phasePremine destroyed (burnt)PoS phasezPoS added

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hi guys here a newbe don't be bad with me please ... I'm testing spmt app and I don't know the meaning of the colors for each proposal

I mean, is not impossible, but sometimes is better if you have help next to you. But if you are a poweruser of Linux you will not have problems.

Wow, thanks @PostScriptum38

@Mongke, one question. Is it possible to read the annual return of investment from the pivx blockexplorer?

The explorer is just a frontend of the core wallet, so if there is a rpc command you can do it

There is certainly a rpc command with which I can realize this. As far as I know I can only access my own wallet via rpc api. I am looking for an external possibility. Do you know one?

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