What can we do as a project to favor this movement to more open source platforms?

WavesPlatform has had a DEX since 2016

and that dev team has linked pivx to success of btc, as my personal opinion is that currency coins will mature before platform coins

N.K.Narula @nknarula
Think pivx will ever have smart contracts guys?

If they got to that point..... id prefer they specialize in privacy first The platform/smart contract space is saturated with mainnet ready options already

What platform does Pivx run on?

@Asadali569 first educate a bit more on the pivx technical specifications and platform dynamics

And definitely, I’ll educate on pivx about its platform and dynamics.

New all in one governance, proposal making, budget info platform.

@Whatusername it’s a web app platform. Will be released Monday or Tuesday!

My latest interview about Crypto Security with J. Stinson. He talks about attack platforms and the differences between Privacy Coins.

HI All,.... Looking to expand my portfolio your name came up in on another Coin where i hold due to a hosting platform launch.... I will happily do more reading as i'm not a leap without understanding future longevity. Due diligence always first.... how are you finding this Dev / Coin / Progress and what can you tell me before i start reading? Appreciate any responses Mike

PIVX x Numo Alliance announced: A mobile payments platform and app for concerts, parking meters, etc. Read more about it:
The way I'm exploring is to come together with the hundreds of other forks (9 out of 10 new coins listed on are pivx forks) and somewhat collaborate through this cooperative platform I'm trying to build.

Hey guys, what am I missing? We've got PIVX here that seems like a great platform and yet every time I see any article that covers privacy coins, I'm never seeing PIVX mentioned in the lineup. It certainly can't be for a lack of promotion, and Bryan does a magnificent job with that. What's it going to take to gain traction? What are the other projects doing that is giving them such an advantage?

you're right. And i sure don't like many of these crypto media platforms. They're getting to be like mainstream media.

These are the tentative dates for zDEX release Nov 1st: Alpha Release - This is a public release. The zdex network is still using testnet for all of the coins. The public is invited to use the platform and provide feedback/bug reports/user experience suggestions. Nov 14th: Beta Release - This is a public release. The zdex network is using mainnet for all of the coins. Orders and account values are restricted to small amounts to prevent any situations where bugs cause significant loss of funds. TBD: Full release - This is a public release. The zdex network is using mainnet for all of the coins. Orders and account values are only restricted by their maximum supported amount.

I am trying to send some PIVX from The exchange and the platform asks my withdrawal address. Where can I get the one? How shall I generate it?

Actually does anybody knows when PIVX will be quoted on like Coinbase platforms?

I thought every masternode get's fees from the entire platform, as every pair existed

thanks, I've added tipbot to my research list. do you have good examples, and are there different kinds of tipbots

tipbots are just machines you can exchange tips (in crypto) through on various platforms like reddit or telegran

Does anyone know of fmz quant and ever trade PIVX on it? I heard that normal users could write trading bot on their platform for selling profit. How does they do that?