→@pdx_brewer HI. See pinned message. Hope it works for you too. 😉

Awesome! I backed up & installed it, so far so good. As we all know, Windows crashes & hopefully no more weekly snapshot! Thanks @PIVX dev team!

My wallet runs on the same resolution just fine. Which OS are you running?

Linux Mint 18.3 (which is actually Ubuntu 16.04). The minimum vertical size is bigger than the screen, so the bottom of the window is below the taskbar (for those that don't know Mint, it has a taskbar just like Windows)

In a somewhat odd fashion... First I drag the window to the top of the screen, which makes it maximize (my system is set to behave like Windows)

Tony Stark

This is how it shows after the wallet loads, notice I can't see the window bottom part

Although it's Windows, there's a user comment on how to reproduce on Linux

i think people show a little more respect to Jeffs team, there views do matter, if u like them or not. it just shows the level of maturity of this group when people are laughing off Jeff berwick. when pivx has allready dropped down 90% from its ATH. it just tells me, peope here are clueless, and are not willing to read , learn nor undersstand.

Ok, here is my score of the 3.1.1 core client on windows 10 so far... 5 crashes total 2 restarted fine 3 required snapshot backup Crash #5 was due to qt not responding, tried forced close thru task mgr w/o success, restarted windows went into restart loop. Eventually had to crl/alt/del with power button to end process... It's not 100% , but better?

OK. thank you very much. Shall I uninstall AVAST? Can you trust any anti virus program?

If you are happy with AVAST, you can simply whitelist the pivx wallet. Personally, i stick to Windows Defender on my few Windows 10 systems

Hows it going fellers

Hi @Mongke ! Have you heard any issue about 3.1.1 qt not shutting down in windows?

Ran a windows update and its somehow rolled me back to May 17th - and its banning all peers. I've updated the wallet to the latest version, typed getinfo , got hte blocks, tried to check the hash on your website but its a value thats too large/small for it

Windows update!? Damn...

Mac, Windows, Linux core client.

Maybe Windows Server?...

Windows is more in my comfort zone as well 😏

Look, I think that's plenty powerful. By memory, the core client should consume up to 1.2GB or thereabouts. I could be wrong there. Since Windows is a bit of a hefty OS, 4GB might be pushing it. Let me have a chat with some clever people.

It happened to me because windows shut down the computer randomly

I want to see some videos where the presenter is a dev and actually knows what they're talking about as well as has a vision of how the project should move forward.

M McCloud
How do you know if orphaned?

it shows "orphan block" in your wallet (hover over a red marked transaction)

M McCloud
I just read that it does not matter if you get orphaned blocks. It will not effect staking rewards. Coin age is not a thing either. Someone correct me if wrong

The gui shows orphans. What you read is crap. Somebody messed up and they're just trying to cover it up. Don't worry though, the situation will improve once bulletproofs are introduced.

hows it going Lucas

And sometimes check my browser

staking on pivx really does work, i've got a stake on as little as 6piv

Wow you are lucky... I have a test wallet on an older windows laptop with 20 PIV, going on 9 months & have gotten zippo. Also started staking 10 zpiv when that started... Nada.

After getting an orphan stake with PIV, the next tx in the "Overview" window shows as having the same date as the orphan tx. This is a bug.

Who knows? Only people who won't tell you haha

M j
Window 64....and wallet v3.1.1

Sorry, no windows expert. Try the discord maybe, there is a bigger support team

I'll agree with private, but not mandatory. I can foresee where institutions, for PR or legal reasons, need to send money in the clear, and PIVX currently allows that choice with PIV. But yes, zPIV should definitely be the default once the orphan staking issue is figured out entirely. Not sure if coin age would help prevent certain zPIV from getting too old and too complex to stake.

When exactly this should be done, I really don't know. That's a complex discussion. Preferably before the next bull run (nobody knows when that's coming).

@StrengGeheim just voted 7 times. Tip you can vote multiple times from diferent browsers.

ha, Also is posible to vote multiple times cleaing you navigattion history for today in the browser

Have like 6 browsers on my phone

Browse the web site and see for yourself. :)

I m staking on windows and i would like to switch to raspberry what should i do?

He shows his face badly sandstone these particular tastes haha

Also shows 0.000 PIV in my recent transactions now


Buddy I'm affraid that zPIV staking isn't close to what this diagram shows

Something is not right. The public address should be linked to the wallet otherwise anyone who knows your wallet address would be able to generate private key...

The reason we are seeing 51% attacks working on PoW is for a couple of reasons: Low hash power on small market cap coins. Nicehash allows hashpower by the hour. Large GPU farms can "pool-hop" at any time. Low confirmation acceptance on exchanges.

Actually does anybody knows when PIVX will be quoted on like Coinbase platforms?

Why the wallet shows that only 94.58% of my coins is available? Where I can read all this tutorial?)))

ok. one more question - why PIVX wallet is eating so much resource. I use Linux now but that is also same for windows

I did, but when I open this exact dmg file it shows me this

So we can assume that every year supply grows 4%-5%?

Crypto Ninja
Which coins can I exchange on the ZDEX?

"Initially zDEX will launch with BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC and PART and more will be added as the project grows."

How long does it usually take to sync the windows desktop wallet? Mine says 2 years and 11 weeks behind and hadn't moved much in hours. Thanks