Well ... my office is in front of the ocean but I dont have windows :(

Dont worry but you have windows in your computer

What operating system are you using? (Windows, Mac, Linux)

So, Windows all the time restarts and close my PIVX wallet. (I could not find an option to stop auto restarting) then because of the restart, when I open PIVX it says block data corrupted.

→Golden By the way, you may want to make sure you don't have two data folders, especially if you using the deamon with the cli as well as or in place of the GUI.

Thanks Gio. The only problem is truly just windows restarting my computer automatically while my PIVX wallet is staking... so i s all about inappropriate shut down of the wallet. Angry at Windows.

Are you using the terminal or the qt one?

Terminal. If you keep spamming getinfo it shows that blocks are going up so it's syncing.

What version are you on? Also, what OS (Mac, Windows, Linux)?

My pivx wallet seem to be consuming a lot of physical memory lately... when I check the memory usage in Windows task manager it's currently about 1,190,044k. Is it normal?

DATA FOLDER LOCATION CHANGE The steps are mentioned in the previous message to F L above and have been tested on Linux but in a peculiar contest. If anybody has followed them, in particular on other OSes (Windows/MAC), please either confirm it worked for you or what modifications were needed to make them work or if you got stuck. Thank You! 🙏🏽

Why pivx dropping ?

Probably just a correction. Once coins pump a little, they tend to get more attention; smart money flows into the good projects while it moves out of pumps.

Hello Gio - can I use my wallet file from raspberry pi to access my Pivx on windows?

Maybe let me rephrase my question - I am currently running my client in a RPI..and if I understand Pivx should be stored in the .dat backup file right. So now I decided to access my Pivx using my windows laptop..can I copy the .dat file and paste in my windows client and see my Pivx in my windows client?

@VeganGio Every time the Windows wallet indexes all the blocks, I get an error that the dB is corrupt.

Hi Guys, Is it possible to restore windows wallet on Mac?

What the hell is local bitcoins? Sounds like a scammer to me

It's a service that allows people to trade Bitcoin for Fiat. It's a centralised website with decentralised participants. Sorta like eBay for Bitcoin.

Can you transfer pivx from the windows wallet to the android one, and can the android wallet be backed up in case your phone dies?

You can browse with a proxy: Open Search for Masternode guide Hit "proxy" under the result.

is pivx going to get some exposure and marketing and try to be well known in future such as monero zcash dash? im not asking if it will be as expensive, just that it will be known. i want to invest because it looks to have a bright future but if nobody knows about it, i dont see the price going up

Ok pic follows now

→Jolly_Jumper No problem, don't worry. If anybody knows about that coin and feel to reply, they can do so. Just generally we feel uncomfortable to make those comparison and as said we'd like to stay focused on doing good with our PIVX, possibly. Of course, if other coins/communities etc. have some great ideas and innovation that we should pick up or share, we are open to do so. So far, though, it has been mostly the others copying us.

P.S. For the records, your PGP key, if you've made one, is like your public/private address. It allows you to encrypt and decrypt communications, files etc. this case, email communications/email sent to the forum. It stands for Pretty Good Privacy.

→@Opaque00 Dont leave the page. It says so but after a couple of seconds or few more it loads. I've just tried it with two different browsers.

I just tried to send PIV using the SWIfTX feature! I couldn’t believe it! By the time I finished logging in to the exchange to check if it (shows up, then confirm), it was already confirmed and ready to be traded! This is exactly how a currency should work. Excellent job by the developers! Is this feature available in the mobile app as well?

Ok where does the bootstrap.dat file go? I'm using windows. In the main directory where the pivx.conf file is located?

→Saul There's a link that says "these locations". Once followed, there's another one that says "How to view hidden folders on Windows".

→Alan That's right. We have a couple of instructions/videos linked in the group info, in case you need. Let me find the video that shows you how to do it....

→Eric We are gathering funds and it follows from there.

exactly. An example is fiat pairings on exchanges their compliance wont allow it if they cannot trace funds The optional privacy allows fiat markets which most other privacy coins dont get

→@bitcoin2028 Hi. Why not using Localbitcoin? It allows for cash deposit, so more difficult to track/block. With Unity, soon you should also be able to bypass BTC altogether.

Why does shows PIVX with -54,83% ? Did i miss something?

how long it takes to send coin been 25mins now still question mark 0 confirms but wallet shows synced 100%

Ok, could you then direct me to the instructions to disable the zPIV generation in the new wallet? I almost lost 10% of my current batch as the zPIV got lost. Took quite a while, but have them back now.

New wallet is NOT out yet. On Windows, wallet 3.06, click on: (Tools) choose (open wallet configuration file) and then write this: enablezeromint=0 save and close it. Restart the wallet and it’s done!

Btc is bottomed and has been for a while. Its moving sideways with higher lows. We're also seeing the alt market start getting more active and fud kn the market isnt pushing prices down.

Yeah. Considering the last run: BTC 20K / PIVX $14, If following that path, BTC will have to climb to 50K for PIVX to reach $50... but who knows...

No, we are not related to BTC but the market follows its own dynamics. Big numbers come from those who see cryptos as a big pool where to move their money. Unfortunately, being able to buy PIVX directly wont' change that much because Coinmarketcap (et al) won't include zDEX or Unity or Anycoin Direct into their price calculations. Having said that, we have seen that last year, the very first year of PIVX (with that name, at least), it grew more than any other coin bar one. I think I said this hundred times in the past: in order to have a solid, resilient project you do NOT want PIVX to grow too much too fast. You want slow, paced growth. IMO, of course.

This look good bud, but, what woild be the best OS for staking? Currently i stack on windows 10, i hate it, as windows feom time to time update itself and restarts my computer automatically (there is no way to disable) and thus corrupt the files on my wallet.

you can even run the windows wallets under linux with wine

→@KristenColwell HI. The zDex and Unity will solve these issues. The first is planned after June. With the delays with the current update it might be after July, not sure. This will allow users to buy PIVX directly within the client in the zPIV fashion (=anonymously). The second is planned for end of year...more or less. I think now all deadlines will be scrapped for % progress. Anyhow, this will allow to buy PIVX as wells as other cryptos in the Localbitcoin fashion, so with minimal or no KYC at all. For right now, the best way is to use So, for instance, you can buy BTC via Localbitcoin or Paxful anonymously and then convert via, again, anonymously. is totally anonymous, no registration, no KYC. Lastly, a bit more laborious, there's Bisq. Again, minimal details exchanged. It allows P2P, decentralized BTC trade with FIAT as base currencies or P2P, decentralized altcoins trade with BTC, DASH and Litecoin as base currencies. Also, there are other P2P decentralized exchanges that do not require KYC. We list all exchanges on our Mainboard. There's been one added just today. Hope it helps.

Im just waiting to try zPoS first, then eventually i will set up a MN and turn off my windows. (I hate that windows restarts automatically) no option to disable it.

Well, to be fair Eric, you came in not knowing anything about the project, to know that is is Proof of Stake. SO that shows you are willing to partner with teams you have no understanding of and that is a red flag.

My power went out and pivx wallet shutdown improperly. In this situation the wallet usually has to rebuild the block database. However this time when I press 'Ok' 'Error opening block database' shows up and then the wallet closes

→@solix78 Hi Indy. I can confirm that "Invalid Port Detected" is a known reason and devs are working on it. Are you using Windows by any chance?

"NO BLOCK SOURCE AVAILABLE" FAULT IN WINDOWS RPI FREEZES WHILE "LOADING BLOCK INDEX" Windows users, if you get "No block source available" while syncing in Windows is because you should be punished for not using Linux or FOSS. Just kidding 😉. ...see below. RPI users, if your PI freezes while syncing and loading the block index see below. The remedy is: - Shut down the client. - Open the data folder - Delete the SPORKS folder. - Restart the client. * Admins: This info has also been placed in the PIVX NOTES as well. #PIVXWallet #PIVXInfo

actually there is a program called XMING that you can run over putty on a windows machine when you log in to the pi, if you run pivx-qt instead of pivxd you can use the qt gui over xming and it won't use up graphics resources on the pi. The only downside is that when you close xming it stops the qt wallet so I've only used it once or twice just to test. It's running pivxd 24-7 for 9 months no problem.

MASTERNODE ISSUES ON WINDOWS If you are getting "Error reading masternode configuration file" on Windows, be happy to know that it's a known issue and the devs are already testing a patch. #PIVXNews #PIVXWallet

→@sugar_rnd HI. On testing phase. Suffering from the Windows issue?

* v3.1.0.1 solves the Windows issue with MN.