Will there be a zdex windows version?

Hope so otherwise its not open to the broader public, many people use either windows or an apple. Linux is more used by tech savy people.

Privacy in PIVX comes from zPIV. The wallet generates a zPIV deterministic seed. This is sorta like a private private key. This allows you to access your zPIV balance. zPIV is actually stored in accumulator addresses so no-one can see who owns them unless they have the zPIV seed.

It shows the transaction fee and I see the 10% decrease in PIV to zPIV, but shows 0 on zPIV value

on chainz in the rich page it shows a total wallet count of 63,326. is that or could that be the total number of wallets in existance. So for each block each of those wallets has a chance propotional to the amount of piv or pivz stored under that wallet number.

Is there anyone who knows what the endpoint is for this api:

A few cents per GB seems ok. Maybe 5c X 30 = $1.5 US per monthThat's ok for most people who need to run nodes IMO but who knows.

ZPIV staking on Windows 10 works, OSX piv staking + Masternodes mgmt like a champ, Linux too.

Any information on zDex for windows yet?

chuck u. farley
Any information on zDex for windows yet?

It will be available on both Windows and macOS, but currently just Linux.

Please can anyone help? I am trying to transfer my PIVX to my ledger wallet. The trial transaction went well but the main one got stuck. Does anyone knows what this mean?