Want to access my PIVX and haven't used the wallet in quite a while. Its stuck and wont sync. I am stuck on block 1173970 and says its 23 weeks behind. I have tried to do the following-From your wallet's debug console (Tools -> Debug console or just use ./pivx-cli getinfo in linux), type:getinfoNote the block number. ("blocks":) That is the block number that your wallet is currently synced up to.Now type:getblockhash xxxxxx (where xxxxxx is the block number you got from getinfo output above. But when I get to 3-it just says Method not found (code -32601)Can anyone help. Not sure what to do or what's going on.

Is this coin still relevant? The only reason is I purchased a wile back and forgot about. after doing a bunch of research it doesn’t seem like there is a good case for the use of PIVX. Compare to Montero or z cash or bitcoin... Can someone help with better research data. It seems it fell from top 10 to top 100.

Christopher Krueger
Wow that dose seem like a well built coin.

Monero relies on donations to continue development and other improvements through the Forum Funding System. In my opinion, that tends to be an unreliable, unsustainable method.

another beginner question; I dont mean to sound parinoid, I'm just checking my understanding; If a public/private pair is created offline and the public number can have tokens sent to it but for someone to check the balance the they would need to enter the private number into some client, right? This is one of the major differences from bitcoin right? If the private number of lost then then those tokens are lost but since the network has inflation its not determintal to the network. in BTC the number of availabe tokens is decreased permently.

continuing my research/education, block chain exploring. I find lots of reference to and I found the site but pivx seems to be offline. What is the recommend/good blockchain explorer.

I noticed two blue dots below one, I take that to mean even my wallet has a chance. I havent found a way to earn coin yet. I'm a SW engr but I dont give away my effort for nothing, I'm also not a currency trader so I dont buy or trade; It like in the real world, I need to earn to play. I used a faucet just to get something above zero to better understand how its allto work but that was a huge waste of time for almost nothing.

Thanks, I can always do that, I was hoping that maybe there was a more "pythonic" way. Is there a clearing house someplace for work like this. Is that what the "proposal" system is for. I'm just now starting to study up on that. I dont want to waste time if some other team is already working on this.

bruce m
I am looking for instructions on how to build and test the pivx blockchain. I don't see any unit tests in the github directory structure. Am I missing something?

im looking for that too. please dont keep it a secret if you find it. I'm also not sure how to verify that a wallet I compile is correct. Linux does have fully verified binaries yet.

Yes you'll get money until you dont. Any money you from it is stolen from other Investors

The reinvesting is a scam so you dont pull funds out

Pim Boonstra
These are just commands you can use i nthe client, but I'm trying to use them somewhere else

I dont't know if i understand but you just need to write a python script and use the exec and then parse the returned json

300MB is still a lot though. If there is actual mass adoption then number of tx will grow 100x, which will put monero at 30gb a month (so mass adoption isn't possible)

A few cents per GB seems ok. Maybe 5c X 30 = $1.5 US per monthThat's ok for most people who need to run nodes IMO but who knows.

Months now in staking and i received nothing time to send back those coins to the exchange

I mean, if you have pivx you should stake it. You dont lose anything

Do you mind to tell why ?I’m considering to stake too ...

He does it for contibuting to network anonimity. Zpiv staking also gives larger rewards but requres a modern pc. Piv staking has a lot more modest pc requirements but the rewards are smaller.

Vitek Hi buddy. I hope i dont bug you to much but can you tell me what is your opinion on hardware requiremsnt to have a succesfull zpiv staking?

I was talking before that i used to stake piv and then zpiv which was unsuccesfull ( about 15 orphaned zpivs in a month )

Good team, smart contracts, privacy, quick affordable payment system, staking rewards

Good team, smart contracts, privacy, quick affordable payment system, staking rewards

dont forget the inflation, although nobody likes it, its important for a currency

Is its chain and coding similar to DASH and Monero?

So, Dash and Monero are PoW.Monero has a tail emission of 0.6XMR per block. This means miners are always incentivised to verify transactions even if fees are low.PIVX also has a tail emission which is the current phase. This is because we are PoS.PIVX is a fork of Dash which I believe is a fork of Litecoin which is a fork of Bitcoin. We utilise code from a huge range of currencies including Zerocoin.We have no smart contracts haha.

Very cool summary thanks! Oh i thought there were SC my bad

There are some issues with having smart contracts that affect scalability. PIVX is all about private, usable currency.

Thanks😁 I usually dont like forks but pivx is miles ahead of dash, premine let alone

Contact @rtdanielle in the PIVX Discord.

Yeah, you're right. I'd probably chose different words...SoftforkHardforksCodefork

I think of it more as a combine of the three, it uses concepts from each and then adds a few more. The value is in what is added in each step. "forks" and/or combinations that dont add are usually a waste of time and are the real "cash grabs". They dont add value, they harvest value. Its the difference between producing and harvesting. Think of fork code, combine/mix projects, split chains.

After being a longterm pivx holder I got out.Reasons being.- Support on website didnt help me fix my problems. No replies for months.- Client keeps closing out of nowhere.- Never ever been able to get zpiv staking.- Staking rewards are too low- client usage is very user unfriendly- balance +/ - dont show up well after minting zpiv back and forth.- overall unstability and needing to resync and download the blockchain data over and over again loosing time and stakes.I hope this comment can help the team improve this product.I lost faith in the product.Wish you all good luck

Ivan BTC
started 10,000 pivxdid not understand anything further

Maybe you’d better contract a managed host. There must be a list .

Black friday continue for pivx, it's time to buy more