Desobediente Civil
i guess what you meant is that one wouldn't have to open a web browser and tons of generated content from the slack website, which is the case when one interacts with it the regular way

I did not mean that the BOT replies for you without your credentials. I think the BOT has its own account and it must be guaranteed access to the group like a human would. He than transpose all the messages both directions. i think that is what I said but possibly did not expressed it clearly. The BOT I've seen is @nemBridgeBot part of the NEM community.

@thr0waway and @jzarecta I can understand both of your positions. I went on Slack because I needed support with the client and the PIVX guys replied very promptly and I am very greatful to them. However, Slack is a real pain. Very slow, and it doesn't give you a history unless you pay. I promised one of the support guys to send them a tip with the PIVX Slack BOT but cannot find anymore who was the guy because the history of our conversation is gone. When trying to find out I discover that that is exactly Slack policy: if you don't pay you cannot access the history. I don't understand why people use Slack. I find Telegram so much more convenient: it's fast, 100% gratis and it's got TAGs and all sort of tools. In fact, there's a Telegram BOT that allows to communicate with the Slack groups without registering. The NEM community have it (@nemBridgeBot). That would solve the conflict? P.S. The NEM-SLACK BOT is for the NEM group only (I believe) but my point was that maybe we could have a similar one too or somebody could make one either just for the PIVX group of that allows to select which group to subscribe to. I'll be happy to contribute financially to anybody able/willing to make one.

I have to admit it reminds me a lot of MtGox. I hope they are not simply preparing the land by saying that everybody is attacking them and they want them to fail so that they'll be able to say they have been sabotaged by the "enemies" and....puff, the money gone. Anyhow, don't like how this is taking away the focus from PIVX and forcing us slightliy off-topic. 😉

→@CryptoCr15 No problem. Sorry, which red flags? This is not an online service. If you want privacy and hitech, you cannot have a password reset, that doesn't make sense. If you could reset a password how could you ever keep your money safe and decentralized?? It doesn't exist. You would need to be centralized as minimum. I think you are confusing this to services like Paypal or your bank. We stand at the opposite side. Electrum doesn't have it. Exodus is centralized and still requires details that you must save. Coinomi doesn't have it. NEO doesn't have it. NEM neither. Stellar, Cardano wallets nope. I could go on and on. Which wallet allows you not to save anything? Deterministic wallets require you to save the passphrase. It is standard procedure that you must save your password. Sorry.

Dmitrij Fuchs
I have the adress in last transactions... Maybe this can help to recover?

Nope. You need the private key, mnemonic or backup. See if you can navigate to the PIVX folder and find .dat files. There may be some in "backups" folder and one in the main folder called "wallet.dat". You may be able to restore from these.

Well I don't even know where my mnemonic is

I don't even remember getting a mnemonic

Karega McCoy
I don't even remember getting a mnemonic

There's no mnemonic seed created when you setup a wallet.

Khotso Motaung
It doesn't allow to do a backup m using android

Android has 2 backup methods: mnemonic seed and encrypted wallet file.

BIP44 is a bitcoin improvement proposal that defines a standard method for deriving many keys for different uses from a single mnemonic seed in an organized way. ... Each child key itself can also be used to generate grandchild keys of the master, creating a tree like structure with multiple generations of child keys.

I had quite bad experience with NEM... Check everything now.

Sorry to hear about your experience with NEM

Guys are there any paer wallet for pivx?
Yes, you can either use the mobile/light wallets and mnemonic seed, the core client and BIP38 tool or zPIV seed OR you can use this BIP38 generator: