PIVX REPRESENTED AT MONEY CONFERENCE 2018 IN DUBLIN, IRELAND By Buer "We are proud to announce PIVX’s attendance in MoneyConf 2018 , taking place June 11-13, 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. The privacy- and real-world-use-centric cryptocurrency will be represented by PIVX Summits Administrator and long-time community member Buer, and the PIVX Project Junior Developer, Warrows." #PIVXNews

Scared money never multiply

FINDER: THE IMPLICATIONS OF CRYPTO AND PRIVACY ""The economy and personal freedom and access to money will actually improve with readily available private transactions. Aml/Kyc is expensive and slow to enforce and harms a lot of innocent people by making banking inaccessible to much of the world's population. When the other option to private transactions results in an industry created to monetize and share your personal information (or lose it), then private transactions protects us from such misuse." #PIVXNews

→Billybeton That's why I talk about believers. You may be here purely for the money... but believers are not. The value is a means for what they believe for them. If market crashes to me or anybody else is not as much of a drama as long as the tech is there. PIVX tech is there and it's amazing. It works and that's is what we need. Where do you think people will flood to when gov demand, which have already started, to everybody declare what they have and intensify there KYC. I know people have already closed their accounts with exchanges and moved to PIVX. For those who have witnessed MtGox crash and BTC 2yrs almost crash, we have already seen this and aren't too worried.

Well, you could add it to an app store and then try to sell it. But if you want free community help you are going to have to show us your code. I hope you understand, being that this is a security based comunity I certainly will not endorse an untrusted application to be put on peoples devices and then filled with REAL money.

I think scams can be disruptive, and maybe beneficial to the solidity of the overall network. But pretending you deserve money that other people have earned by being deceptive is imoral and selfish.

Raft definitly a no, the PoS model requires very little computational power (a ras pi 3 or a linux machine with 2 cores and 1gb can stake regular piv, though zpiv is a bit more demanding) as your chances of winning a block (recieving a reward) is not based on your computation power but how much money you have at stake. In BTC's PoW model, people join pools so they 1. Dont have to run a full node 2. Increase their odds of reaping a block reward (which would be 12.5 BTC split among the miners and the pool).


Scammer is someone who takes money and does nothing. He is not scammer, he just didn’t check a shit about this “iCO” if he did, he would knew we are operational fork. It doesn’t mean we cannot use his services though. Btw I agree if someone would make it for the community or because he/she believes in the project, then they would never ask for money.

→@getsie Hi. The issue is not whether one is a scammer or not. I do appreciate everybody wanted to help and keep the community spammers and scammers free. However, here everybody is absolutely innocent unless there's solid evidence. I don't think anybody here would have given any money to this person but a convo like that to me is not enough to publicly call somebody scammer, regardless of whehter inside me I'm 200% he/she is. The procedure here is to pass the info to the relevant people in charge. In this case it was the marketing team. They could have simply contacted the real Siraj on his public channels as they have access to the PIVX official accounts on YT, Twitter etc. The solution was that simple without going to lenghty enquires as we all did wasting our own time.....but we are humans and we are curious. 😉 I appreciate Lee and Zetty too for contacting the real Siraj and solving the issue in a couple of lines.

→ @gujvzbgrytu6 @Mongke Hi. You should be aware that Monero devs have reached out to one of our current devs because they have a "minor" flaw in their algorithms and find it difficult to pass them. Monero cannot be used in some instances (ie. Charity donations where the receiver needs to show and prove how much money is receiving). It must be noticed as well that Monero is a PoW and, thus, ineherently less advanced and less efficient compared to PoS coins and it brings all sort of issues. Lastly, I should remind you that PIVX performed 57 (FIFTY SEVEN) times better than monero, market wise, last year. Just so that you have the whole picture. Mong is right, though. We do no feel comfortable comparing ourselves as everybody, even other coins, can bring some good.

→Alan @alexhack Hi. You do realize guys the incredible amount of work that has been done in the last year, right? How many exchanges are we on now? More than average. How many conferences? How many articles? "Recover it's marketcap?" ?? Recover from what? Do we need to do more? YES. Do we need to keep asking? Not sure....maybe it would be better if everybody understands that this is a community not a corporation. Let's start doing instead of demanding. We need more articles or marketing? Pull up your sleeves and start writing, start contacting....come on let's go. 😜😜

Gio, I believe in PIVX, otherwise I wouldn't have invested a stupid amount of money that I can't afford in the coin. But I think when you have such an amazing product, yet other inferior offerings get all the limelight. Well, common sense kicks in with me. I think a marketing drive is needed. I don't have the skillset to push that. I'm a firefighter, if you go on fire I will put you out 😂. Maybe there are people in this amazing community with the contacts and resources to get us out there. Perhaps this is a call to action. Why do we constantly hear about verge and monero in every article on privacy coins when our offering is so much better. Maybe this is the time to take the bull by the horns

pivx is nice but only 7% roi :/

We've already covered ROI rates. Besides, you aren't taking into account the sustainability of an highly inflating currency. If Venezuelan bolivares gave you a 40% "ROI", you'd still lose money to inflation.

unless you destroy more fees than then money created to give to stakers

you have to destroy 10000% in money to avoid inflation

roi=money you earn divided by coins you need to masternodo

hey is there anyway to recover wallet passphrase

Didnt you write it down somewhere? I also lost alot of money this way. I cope with it by looking at it like really expensive tuition for a basic crypto security lesson. 😢

I really like the technology behind PIVX, I read everything I can, yes, I know that the PIVX / USD price is bad, but after all not everything in the crypto is "money".

And never invest money that you cant loose :)

asked me to register on an "exchange". Wanted to gift me some money, of course

I dont give a fuck i want back my money

but you are allready selling it? Why give money on bittrex

You are not the first guy who told me this and also you are not the last one. Theres plenty guys like you spreading bullshit to community. If you want to buy than buy it dont lie

Ask arround here, i never spread fud because i love the world purple and love our community. Sadly I cant say the same about you :) But i also understand that youre a bit upset about loosing money and you got greedy in dezember, your not the only one and i think not the last one :) But dont come here and blame pivx and other people that you lost money. LoL

I don't have money on bittrex

No bueno me costó 0.82 tampoco está mal

yeah, good time to buy more PIVX, shame i have no money 😆

This is the main reason why zpiv went from 9m to 15m, not necessarily new money

Bank secrecy act of 1970 Usd Inflation rate since 1970 Gaining monitary/ influencal wealth is unproportionaly easier than losing it. This rule applies especially to governmental bodies. The Bank Secrecy Act was established to reduce money laundering, but even with 6 fold inflation the $10,000 rule stands. These types of restrictions make banks absolutly inferior to cryptocurrency and the idea of "BYOB" or "Being Your Own Bank".

I'll agree with private, but not mandatory. I can foresee where institutions, for PR or legal reasons, need to send money in the clear, and PIVX currently allows that choice with PIV. But yes, zPIV should definitely be the default once the orphan staking issue is figured out entirely. Not sure if coin age would help prevent certain zPIV from getting too old and too complex to stake.

or keep on staking. I don't think it's wise to lend the money to someone who is running a node for you

yes, because I assume you don't have a ton of money on many coins

otherwise forget about the risk part and focus on the wealth part, not everyone is so wealthy to afford putting so much money on one coin

if it's legit then can't blame someone for trying to make money

You don't put your money into a project where you don't even know the members.

Remember to encrypt the wallet (not lose the password or you lose you money) and make a backup of the pivate keys of the wallet.

Andrej Ders
as I say that is about 2-4 time more than other walets

You see, I run a Monero node too. It's much larger in storage (10-20x larger) and transactions cost around 10-1000x more and half as fast. There's a lot to compare but needless to say, I run both. This is the cost of privacy. I happily pay that cost. The things I spend money on are my business. The things like care about and love are private until I say otherwise.

Zetty Deschain
I will start with this one

I see a money laundry bank on the other side of the road

zdex is like putting money under your pillow if you want too

Well, zDEX is great because of many things. This includes money laundering if you want to see it that way. Given it's architecture, nobody can do anything about it

While i think pivx/zdex should not have a marketing push to cheer money laundering, fungibility is a key selling point

Vitek is the one with the money laundering argument

I think you don't understand that I fully understand how the tech works and that tech and how tech is used are different things. My argument was only about how people here (and in discord) will talk about pivx. Will they say "It's great to launder money" or will they say "It's totally private so you can be confident that your tx are not sold to 3rd parties"

So money laundering is kinda like the nuclear weapons, zdex is like nuclear physics and pivx is like science in general.

without money laundry the economy collapse

@Money_Ganggg please keep on-topic

Yes you'll get money until you dont. Any money you from it is stolen from other Investors