I guess the amount should be enough. On presstab there was a graph with that kind of info, along with the median value if i remind correctly

Group Butler:changed restrictions for Moderator (@Moderaterz)Duration: Forever- Send messages- Send stickers & GIFs- Send media- Embed links

See that?Someone joined PIVX Chat with the name "Moderator" and the butler immediately restricted the account. The person left straight away 👌

He's on decentralised social media 😉

Guess hes off crypto

Open source social media. I'm pretty sure he still loves PIVX

My personal belief is that PIVX currently has the best vision of privacy in the top 100 MCAP coins. People do not currently value privacy enough. We know this as people compulsively give up personal information on social media, don't object to privacy-destroying policies from governments and have a "nothing to hide" attitude to life.I am of the opinion that we need privacy as a fundamental human right and that the vast majority of the top 100 coins do not accomplish this in a sustainable way.