Yobit, Bittrex, Livecoin and so on. It doesn't really matter much, in the sense that you can consider them as one single market for the purpose of price considerations. If one of them a have much more favourable price, users from the other markets either move to it or tranfer their funds as appropriate, ultimately causing the difference to level.

When there's a sudden increase or decrease it's most likely market manipulation or whale movements. In fact, PIVX is not the only rising esponentially today. Real growth takes time and it's steady not just in the value of the coin but in the community etc. This is the real good news for PIVX: it's showing real growth on all levels, regardless of what is happening today on the markets.

@Amitddn ← Few reasons: 1) Markets are focusing on Bitcoin Segwit probable hard fork. 2) Zerocoin is not fully active yet. 3) Even after all is fully working, markets will take their time to catch up. 4) Technology and markets don't always go hand in hand. There's no reason to believe that the price will definitely go up after Zerocoin implementation.

U can still access the trading screen by going to markets and then pivx

@DavorKralj Hi. How could it? For the markets, the network has practically been down since the introduction of Zerocoin. Now we have made it but the markets will need time to both understand and the technology. They need to be re-assured that this won't happen again....that's where we step in. When the market, most important... the users, understand what giant step has been taken in the last week, then you'll see the game flaming up.

Hi, community! ... Today i was checking BCH markets and it is doing pretty impressive. It makes me wonder, why PIVX is listed and traded only on Bittrex (98%) .. is it hard to get listed on others? like binance huobi liqui and perhaps some new exchanges that are just poping up. I think liquidity would increase demand, and in fact some users might have their preferable exchange - that;s why some of them don't buy pivx because it is not listed on their favourite exchange. It is just my pure observation. Thx!

What we really need, IMO, is more liquidity in Bisq and maybe Cryptobridge ....not centralized exchanges. Persoanally, I don't care about PIVX going to the moon. Slow paced increase, rather, and I care about stability and privacy. Centralized exchanges are a problem from this perspective. PIVX should be for the people not for the markets, otherwise we are just making the very same mistakes that affected all FIATS, Bitcoin etc.

Cosmin Wow....they've grown up! Tx for the news. It can go two ways now: 1) No reason to keep buying (and holding BTC) as there's no going to be a fork-reward. Hence, people sell....either going back to FIAT or back to altcoins or both. 2) The statemente strenghten the BTC reputation and build consensus among investors. Hence, people buy even more BTC.....though, this should come form outsite the crypto-markets, which means market caps going up. Either way, this is good news.....for the crypto-world in general.

BITTREX WITHDRAWALS and DEPOSITS ARE BACK Bittrex has reactivated the PIVX wallet again. Let's see how the markets react..... #PIVXnews

is pivx big on asian markets? i suppose not right

T Pivx is still considered much undervalued by most "experts". There are a lot of news coming in. Right now PIVX is very low and we had few bumps with the Zerocoin implementation. However, it's working and if no other glitches turn up, the markets will sooner or later realize how good it is. Then there's gonna be POS devices, DEX withing the wallet itself and so much more.
→ Khan Recently, there's this exchange market tha have accepted PIVX. The unique (AFAIK) feature of them is that they'll stake all your PIVs stored with them. Please, bear in mind that this is not in any way guaranteed by the official PIVX core team. So, use due diligence and caution as you would with any other exchange.

→ @cashjoy The main reason why PoW should be retired is that it's not sustainable. In PoS the electricity consumption is a fraction of that of PoW. This will be reflecting in the markets as well as somebody will have to pay for it (ie. energy bills rising) and the damage it causes (taxes to clean the air or simply higher prices for "clean" products, like clean water etc.). How can we in our own sane minds invest in PoW if it's not sustainable? It's like going backwards. Like still investing in oil instead of investing in renewable energy. That aside, we can see all the other issues PoW bring to the table with BTC, like the centralization of power.

→@coinwhisperer We could ask the same questions of why Litecoin is not as big as BTC. Markets nowadays are blended with social dynamics and evolve on their own. In the case of Monero, I believe they were there before and their community was quite aggressive. Don't know if this is still the case. Yet, it paid somehow in pushing the coin. Monery is admittedly good but, for as biased as I can be, it lacks some of the qualities and features that PIVX has. Apart for that, it's a PoW coin.

→Eliteleet Hi. Sorry but could anybody do such a thing? You can't control the markets. Have you noticed that this is an issue affecting all other hundred, cryptos? It's the chicken and the egg problem. More adoption would stabilize the price and an unstable rate make it more difficult to be adopted. All merchants I've talked about PIVX are eager to accept it simply because now they have to pay much more with Visa/Mastercards and have much less control over their own revenue.

I love Monero but it has a few major flaws but also currently has a few advantages. Pros: - RingCT is well researched and works well (for now) - Monero is established and fairly widely accepted (even in Darknet markets now) - CPU mining is possible, allowing websites to replace advertisements with "borrowing" CPU time ( uses coinhive) Cons: -If RingCT ever breaks, the entire ledger could be de-obfuscated - 3+ minutes for single conf. - 32+GB blockchain which is not prunable but "bulletproof" may reduce this size by 80% -PoW I'm not a cryptographer or expert so correct me if I'm mistaken.

It’s starting to take a toll on me not knowing this simple thing... does anybody know how can all markets dump at the same freaking minute? How can that be orchestrated? If the answer is bot, the market is then driven by them.

→Golden HI. It happened before and we had to wait years (personally two) to see recovering. If I had despaired and then just be the witness of this incredible growth, I would have regretted for all my liffe. I think nowadays we lost contact with reality. Everybody wants things now. Let's focus on what we can do good. For the markets... I say this one more time. Either you don't believe and then no much point to be here or you do. If you do, put in your head 5yrs and then if you are not happy by then, you can make your own decisions. Hopefully it wont be 5yrs but that it's just a trick to relax you. That's my take.

→Jolly_Jumper BTC was a niche product, tech much less known and markets much less ventured. Not to worry, was just giving an example not making a prediction. IMO, you need that in mind so that your heart doesn't go into fibrillation each bearing time.

→Jolly_Jumper People bought BTC at over $1k in 2013 and as said, it took 3yrs to go back to that rate and over. During that time it was about half price or so. In a positive way, these times the markets gets rid of the pump&dump guys. Those don't have patience. Those who believe the tech and values, buy and hold whatever happens. When everything recovers, those are the ones more likely to be found around.

→Golden Hi. Just to clarify, what I meant about the Exchange Coordinators "controlled" news was in reference to the announcement of a new exchange only, not to other news that might affect the markets.

→@Jpmaster Somebody else made similar comments but I wonder if there are other markets because I'm looking at Coimarketcap and see nothing of sort. I just see PIVX going up and down around $4.40, which it has been doing it for awhile.

→Jolly_Jumper It seems that the main reason for the markets being on the bearish side, euphemistically speaking, is the increasing fear of regulations and authorities trespassing individuals privacy around the world. If that is so, it would make sense to protect own funds with properly protected private coins. That is even more so in Countries where civil liberties are really limited.

exactly. An example is fiat pairings on exchanges their compliance wont allow it if they cannot trace funds The optional privacy allows fiat markets which most other privacy coins dont get

Do you have an ideal number of masternodes/liquidity/transactions relation that signal a healthy/growing comunity ??

Liquidity is key. Ideal number is hard to pinpoint. with MN's you want a decent distribution where it isnt 1-2 people making all decisions. You want as many mn's as possible, while still leaving coins for liquidity on markets. More mn's means less on market making it easier to pump, but also makes dumps a lot harder when they do dump

Regarding the markets trends, not every year but practically yes. I think the charts are misleading because BTC was quiet for a couple of years all the way through. Take those off and you see similar trends around Jan/Feb and May/June.

Hi. Haven’t been around for some time. Best to vanish during bear markets. With these 3.1 release, is there any news in the ledger staking integration?

depends on markets. Odds are one small exchange wont change price, but it is part of a bigger movement overall

But if not since japan is one of the biggest crypto markets it could definately hurt

Price is a combination of network affect and speculation. Value does not equal price. Only rarely. At the moment the CMC crypto markets are like a value searching machine, but that takes time to spit out more useful coins (more users) vs. highly speculative coins.

Privacy is one of the few confirmed-use markets in the crypto space Smart contracts is still confirming its use-case

We are excited to announce that PIVX has been listed on Bitsonic Korea exchange and it is currently our #1 exchange with the highest trade volume. Although not yet listed on Coinmarketcap as they are in open beta stage, Bitsonic's current total trade volume already puts them in the Top 10 worldwide rankings. We are currently listed in the following BTC & ETH markets.