N N DEV wants to talk to Trump, I mean Hillary. LOL

I like good Americans, but not democrat americans LOL

The Password for the Wallet is used to encrypt the Wallet. You cannot gain access without this password.

I thought so Its annoying I try to use passwords that I knaow for sure I can remember lol - I am pretty sure I bbacked it up

well you can try every password that comes to your mind or you use a computer which tries every password combination. But this may takes forever. If you can remember parts of the password, this would makes it easier, but chances are not verry good if you choose a strong password

That ok thanks for trying I only have a couple of hundred in it so not the end of the world lol - Have gotten carried away buying so many different cryptos so many wallets but are setting up a ledger for storing all pass words / Phrases

try to figure it out

Got it lol all good 👍 Spent most the night getting all my wallets backed up and passwords memorised getting some form of secure place to keep and hand copies to my daughter in case anything ever happens 😬

it only works with exactly 10000 pivx

Lol thats scary..... if you messed something up.... boom... done

I'm not affiliated with them or anything though lol

I was told my meme is still alive in telegram lol

But someone said y’all use my meme sometimes lol

Had to check lol

It's a fuckin scam lol

Is PIVX dead?

Lol has just been added a cny trading pair against pivx (bitebtc)