there was a premine of 60,000 DNET when the coin launched to secure 6 masternodes

Nice! Is there a release date for the IOS version?

»Not that sadistic 😜...."will be available later down the road" but could not find a specific date. Bear in mind that this is not a release, it's a beta launch. Thus, I guess that they first want to make sure that the base of the wallet is sorted before working on different platforms.

@plastilinux ← Also: This last link will help you to re-sync from start if nothing else works. You can also use the bootstrap to speed up re-sync:

I just stopped the daemon by terminal. I need to relaunch the wallet in GUI mode to verify, I will confirm you something. Thanks

I guess the coins I minted since zpiv launch are lost?

My wallet is xtucket t block 912101, reindexaccumulators=1 crashes the wallet, what to do?

Once the wallet tries to launch, close everything down and remove reindexaccumulators=1 Relaunch the wallet and let us know.

My damn buy order at 36 didn't launch fuck me

→ @Audiovoid The PIVX CT have been following and in contact with them. This seems good. Apparently they'll have a working platform before launching the ICO. Don't know much more but if we get more relevant official news we'll publish.

→@Vansionist Hello. I assume you are using the latest wallet, v3.0.6 Could you please close your client gently and check if you have any peers.dat in your folder and if yes, delete that. Then, backup your wallet.dat and your backups folder. Finally, follow this procedure: If it doesn't work. You'll need to check at Development room in the Discord channel. Hope it helps.

I sent coins from an exchange to my newly created wallet. Its operational but its not staking. I backed up, encrypted. Then relaunched an unlocked for staking. Its not staking yet. Was just wondering if there a way to enable staking or do the coins need to mature for a few days first?

Hey john, maybe you look into getting us on bankera? Could be a good way to buy PIVX with fiat once bankera exchange launches

PIVX LAUNCHES WORLD'S FIRST PRIVATE STAKING SYSTEM ZPOS By Alexander Lielacher A brief overview of PIVX's most recent innovation. "On May 8, 2018, the first zPIV block reward was received, marking a historic moment in the cryptocurrency community as this was the first time an anonymous PoS system has been successfully developed." #PIVXNews

Our exchange will be officially launched at the end of the month

PIVX LAUNCHES WORLD'S FIRST PRIVATE STAKING SYSTEM - ZPOS By Robert Devoe A recap of the historic zPoS launch. "No other privacy-focused cryptocurrency has yet to accomplish this difficult technical feat. To date, other privacy coins in the market have only managed to offer private transactions through proof-of-work mining algorithms. This means PIVX now provides both total anonymity and PoS mining." #PIVXNews

→ Stix Move into that folder where you've extracted it......there you have it. The file to launch is pivx-qt.

Hey guys is there any date about zdex launch?

PIVX TO LAUNCH ZDEX: FIRST PRIVATE IN-WALLET DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE By Bitcoin Exchange Guide "zDEX will offer users with a decentralized and yet anonymous exchange platform for converting bitcoin to zPIV and vice versa." #PIVXNews #PIVXExchanges
PIVX BUG BOUNTY PROGRAM "We are working towards 2nd July as official launch for the PIVX hackerone bug bounty program." #PIVXNews
MASTERNODE BUZZ: INTERVIEW WITH CRYPTO S.I. (Part 1) Tom Dumoni of Masternode Buzz interviews Crypto S.I. about PIVX. "This week's interview is with PIVX team member Crypto S.I. He has been obsessed with crypto since 2012 and joined the PIVX team several months after its launch in 2016, where he is responsible for governance modelling." #PIVXNews
PIVX H1 BOUNTY PROGRAM "After weeks of planning, calls and brainstorming we successfully launched the PIVX hackerone bug bounty program on July 2nd." #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo #PIVXWallet

I encourage everyone to have a look at the current proposals. You can see our DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) at work. Proposals are launched at a small expense to the proposer the voted on by Masternode holders. You can see which proposals are passing and funded.

hi, how I can launch zpiv PoS ?

HI All,.... Looking to expand my portfolio your name came up in on another Coin where i hold due to a hosting platform launch.... I will happily do more reading as i'm not a leap without understanding future longevity. Due diligence always first.... how are you finding this Dev / Coin / Progress and what can you tell me before i start reading? Appreciate any responses Mike

My pivx wallet installation on a new mac keeps insta crashing on launch. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Hey guys quick question, I downloaded the wallet and I’m using the most current snapshot. Once I extract the files and launch the wallet does it stay on the “loading block index” screen for a while? Looking at the task manager it doesn’t appear locked up so I assume it takes some time? Thanks

Will all masternodes automatically be zDEXNodes when zDex launches or are these seperate nodes?

It works now. When I open it via Launchpad it won't work.

Do you think that Zdex launch will have an effect on PIVX?

Crypto Ninja
Which coins can I exchange on the ZDEX?

"Initially zDEX will launch with BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC and PART and more will be added as the project grows."

PRIVATE DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE Alpha Launch -Nov 1, 2018 Is the date correct?

And in the PIVX Report, only 6 hours into zDEX Alpha (testnet) launching

Private Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange zDEX to launches #PIVXNews

Do I have to do anything to allow my master node to support zdex when it launches?

Private Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange zDEX to launches #PIVXNews