I need japanese friends. :D

I am half Japanese

So i am half Japanese

would be so sweet if korea, china or japan would pick it up

I just got an idea! I have a VPS in Japan. Can I stake PIVX on my VSP? So I can turn off my patrol at home?...

Chinese and Japanese could be powerful languages in PIVX terra. Koreans are doing in Discord and

Recently hacked Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck will end trading for four privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies, Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Dash (DASH), and Augur (REP), Cointelegraph Japan reported May 18.

But if not since japan is one of the biggest crypto markets it could definately hurt

So digging some further it seems its mostly pressure but no real clarity on an excisting law. This article is a good read as well

Any updates on the Japanese fsa privacy coin ban?

JAPANESE REGULATORS BAN PRIVATE CRYPTOCURRENCIES By Veramis, PIVX Official response to recent developments in Japan. "Regardless of what privacy coins regulations may come to pass, existing and upcoming anonymous and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges will ensure the survival and success of cryptocurrencies with privacy-protecting features." #PIVXNews

That looks like Japanese

Anyone able to write in Japanese?

Can anyone assist? I don't know if it's Japanese or Chinese lol