I think there's a presenter for everyone, keep diversity, some will like snappy, some will like more technical videos from devs and some will like theirs in Spanish.

Yeah ive had a few bad shut downs and been fine this was the first time its happened with the new wallet

thank you... i will work it out first... last night Fuzz has helped too much already.

HI All,.... Looking to expand my portfolio your name came up in on another Coin where i hold due to a hosting platform launch.... I will happily do more reading as i'm not a leap without understanding future longevity. Due diligence always first.... how are you finding this Dev / Coin / Progress and what can you tell me before i start reading? Appreciate any responses Mike

When transacting large amounts always first send small test amount..

Hello guys! First of all thank you for supporting! I have just solved my problem. Should had have to instal the Ledger Live app before using the PiVx wallet. Before installing, i switched off my antivirus as was receiving all the time “internet connection lost” message. At the moment i am seeing my pivx on the new wallet on ledger live app!

Dave Rock
Does anyone know the details of the pivx startup?

PIVX introduced Zerocoin for the first time into a POS coin on October 16th, 2017.

You are not the first guy who told me this and also you are not the last one. Theres plenty guys like you spreading bullshit to community. If you want to buy than buy it dont lie

We are excited to announce our new MOU agreement with UIOEX Exchange in Seoul, South Korea! Along with PIVX getting listed on the exchange upon their grand opening of the global exchange set to happen soon, we are also the very first cryptocurrency on UIOEX to hold a live customer Q&A session at the exchange and is scheduled on September 22 Morning KST. We hope that our responses can provide more clarification on our vision, technology and the benefits it brings to many new investors and users in South Korea and globally. [Korean] UIOEX 거래소에 상장 될 코인과 세계 최초 "MEET UR TEAM" 주제로 개발자와 고객이 만날 수 있는 소통의 장을 진행 예정이며 그 첫번째 주인공이 피벡스 (PIVX)로 결정 되었습니다. 자세한 내용은 아래 공지 링크로 확인해주세요~ Official Exchange Announcement: National Newspaper Press:

and only one controller is running that the first added

this is the first wallet, that needed to be explained to me

I know the knologe base for creating a coin is so much high... but i need only the wk for the first steps

I use the latest vers op Pivx wallet. After a dozen times or running the app is finally startet up. I just remember I had this before when I first started using the app.

yes master

Coins never have been designed to achieve high sustained profitability. If the new coins have supporters, they will go straight ahead when they go to the market. and makes the most profit on the first rise, for example btc. BTC was much more valued when it took place in the first market and now it is always falling. so investors are investing in a coin to produce new coin.

ive just gone thtough this hassle but its the first time for me

yes i do it regullary but i guess only the first backup is all im possibly ever going to need to restore my wallet

If anyone has any issue with the bot just ping me. Especially in these first few weeks from open release.

We have some significant development update from our core developer furszy. He has developed a fully custom Zerocoin protocol for light nodes and it has been integrated into the newly updated mobile wallet. In addition to this, a new BIP44 deterministic key generation for single seed backup & restore of PIV & zPIV have been developed and both are now in internal testing phase. This means that full mint and spend support of Zero Knowledge Proof Zerocoins on a mobile wallet is coming soon and this would be another world first from the PIVX development team! We will keep you posted as we have further updates.

well i think i'm gonna study first

Tried higher at first but they said I should go lower

We are 3 weeks away from zDEX testnet release, and 5 weeks away from mainnet release. First fully anonymous DEX using zeroknowledge tech.

People do not realize how big zDEX will be. There is so much stolen and hacked BTC around that people have to launder through first truly anonymous exchange in order to use it, otherwise they cannot do anything with it

Thanks to all the crypto community of Colombia for the great welcome we received in our first PIVX MeetUp 💜🇨🇴
Michael McLaughlan
Do you think that Zdex launch will have an effect on PIVX?

As soon as volume picks up yes. PIVX gets quite some interesting pairs then

what trading pairs will be availibe on the dex?

I'm confused. Is November first going to be zDex main net or test net?

Yes, zDEX is the first decentralized exchange based in Zerocoin PIVX Protocol.

Thanks, one article said that there is a 1GB of data to download when a wallet is first started. I remember the early bitcoin days when I downloaded a few GB of data to setup a node then it was many GBs . Is PIVX going to have the same scaling problem. Will it soon take 10GB to get started?

Every 16 seconds each wallet has a probability of winning a block. The probability is proportional to the amount of coins you stake. However, it takes time to download a block and verify it (so if it's very slow you will miss the 16 second round) calculations do take some time. The first person to get lucky and broadcast it wins the block

16GB is better than 2GB. There is no difference between 16GB and 8 GB. Not sure if 8 is better than 4.

This has been very helpful thankyou. I have lots more to learn but first I need to get a wallet either the core or the light. The core will take all night to load and I cant figure out how to start the light. its a jar file and the standard java -jar incantation gives me Error: Could not find or load main class tech.furszy.MainApp

I haven got to zPIV yet, still working on getting my first PIVX into the wallet.

There is a bot that can delete message instantly when a newly joined user sends a link as his first message

Will the zdex only be available to Linux users at first? Or only during the alpha phase?

As soon as I configure server with enough resources... I really want this zpiv staking to work. I was really excited when they first introduced zpiv minting compared to masternode ans now the enthusiasm has left me

PIVX is sorta like Dash + Monero + Blackcoin (first PoSv3 currency)

Coming Soon for PIVX1. Major 3.2 core wallet with Atomic Swap (BIP 65), ZKP Pre-compute, UI/UX improvements & more.2. World's first SPV mobile wallet with Zerocoin Light Node Protocol privacy support.3. Another top tier exchange listing. Follow us on Twitter

Yes, but do not forget to first make a backup of the wallet.dat file, OK?