Look at where people consider anonimity to be in the future with the value of some privacy coin 100 times that of pivx

a~a~a i understand PIVX kimchicoin so not future byebye

what trading pairs will be availibe on the dex?

Initially, seems like BTC. In the future, BCH, Litecoin, Doge etcetera

Can we hope that this will be done in the near future?

Also are you gonna add more coins in the future?

oh yea, the harddrive space was about 13GB, I guess the article that said 1-2GB was written some time ago. Any idea how fast this is growing and what kind of scaling problem is in the future.

pruning would be good, it took almost three days to sync, I cannt image any of my neighbors or nearby bussiness people doing that. I'm now interested in seeing the network traffic to stay in sync.

In future, you have far better options to sync:1. Backup your existing files to make a snapshot you can trust.2. Download a trustless bootstrap (slow)3. Download a trusted snapshot (fast)

I can not tell you what to do, but for me, staking is great, may I can buy a "lambo" soon, but I save those PIV for the future.

to sync wallet 3weeks behind =11Gb download 🙈 the future is light 💁‍♂️

And do you have plans to boost adoption and spread of pivx in the future?