Hey john, maybe you look into getting us on bankera? Could be a good way to buy PIVX with fiat once bankera exchange launches

exactly. An example is fiat pairings on exchanges their compliance wont allow it if they cannot trace funds The optional privacy allows fiat markets which most other privacy coins dont get

→@KristenColwell HI. The zDex and Unity will solve these issues. The first is planned after June. With the delays with the current update it might be after July, not sure. This will allow users to buy PIVX directly within the client in the zPIV fashion (=anonymously). The second is planned for end of year...more or less. I think now all deadlines will be scrapped for % progress. Anyhow, this will allow to buy PIVX as wells as other cryptos in the Localbitcoin fashion, so with minimal or no KYC at all. For right now, the best way is to use So, for instance, you can buy BTC via Localbitcoin or Paxful anonymously and then convert via, again, anonymously. is totally anonymous, no registration, no KYC. Lastly, a bit more laborious, there's Bisq. Again, minimal details exchanged. It allows P2P, decentralized BTC trade with FIAT as base currencies or P2P, decentralized altcoins trade with BTC, DASH and Litecoin as base currencies. Also, there are other P2P decentralized exchanges that do not require KYC. We list all exchanges on our Mainboard. There's been one added just today. Hope it helps.

Where can I buy pivx without kyc for fiat or with trade for monero ? Do you have a local pivx ? Wall of coins isn’t working that well in USA where I am . Some banks aren’t allow deposit without kyc

And then just find a btc atm for fiat

LIGHT DESKTOP WALLET: FIAT CONVERSION CALCULATOR. The PIVX Light Wallet will make exchanging PIV for goods/services a much easier process for merchants accepting PIVX. #PIVXNews #PIVXWallet
PIVX CLASS EP32: FIAT CURRENCY. EXPLAINED SUPERFAST. "The term fiat currency gets thrown around a lot when talking about cryptocurrency. It's a pretty simple definition, but not something many people use day-to-day. So here is a 3 minute video explaining fiat currency!" #PIVXNews #PIVXClass #PIVXInfo

roi in crypto is not the same than in fiat world

we dont have blocks in fiat

That's one of the characteristics of physical fiat, untraceable to the owner

Panda Exchange is going to update!! Is going to update, Fiat <-> Crypto in the European market.

Is going to be big, and easy way to develop a tool PIVX -> Fiat gateway.

What is this, John?

It's a service provider run by coinbase. All service is paid through fiat~

Like to buy crypto where i also can exchange direct again in fiat..

PIVX x Numo Alliance announced: A mobile payments platform and app for concerts, parking meters, etc. Read more about it:

Will pivx zdex or wallet dex or whatever the name is going to be Will it be a fiat onboard? Or will it have plans for fiat onboard?

Sell fiat and buy pivx

Is PIVX dead?

Yes, everything is dead, sell all your cryptos and back to fiat....