Where can i buy pivx at the moment. I believe bittrex will not let me add more pivx due to wallet issue ?

You can't transfer PIVX to any business atm because they are all waiting for final release. Your only option would be Bisq, which is decentralized and thus allow you to buy directly from other peers....but little turnaround atm. I'm planning to add myself to Bisq to help because I'm so fed up of centralized exchanges....too much money lost, from MtGox onwards. Anyhow, just give it a couple of days.

Just checked. The following blocks are definitely agreed: 896155:e7d795f8c5931f79d4fa8d4f888dc53b957e538a195db4c7b04a4696b9c41d78 896175:8edd79336de2285fa76eeb2a35050b3536658be239e6d6b9c1a624190dcf6275 896207:f97a7d0ffb4adb476f64425ca656bfed4026e8e8f89fb52a65c4c92d4fdb3521 The last ones agreed upon but still awaiting official confirmation are: 896537: 95000dc17bb38876c50ab3df0ded9175365e85ffab53edbc0c36c5bd232aa673 896538: e6b3a61ca05e232599f004016655af9886c6eb1aeb937e69695e410e80cfd8ad [To updated]

Mike Lg
Im holding and stakin since april.....but if i would have choosen would been better

IMO, First you must figure out the priority of your investment/involvement in crypto. Like some exemples below but not limited to: *Profits *New Technology development *Eco friendly tech enthusiast *Value Privacy *Fed Up with our current financial system *Fed up with big banks *Wants to fight back the system and see crypto as our only option for now *...

→Federico Hi. With zstaking round the corner and being more rewarding than normal staking, you could even leave them there. Anyway, you first need to make sure your client won't automint again. You can reduce automintin by going to SETTINGS → OPTIONS and change the value of Percentage of autominting zPIV to 10% (that's the min). You could reduce it to zero by adding enablezeromint=0 in the config file. Now, you can freely send your zPIVs to yourself and the client will automatically convert them in normal PIV (that's how the protocol works) as there's no such thing as "receiving zPIVs". One cannot receive zPIVs but just send them. If you do all the above, and leave the automint to 10%, you need to move no more than 900zPIVs or your client will automatically re-convert 100PIVs back into zPIVs. Hope it helps.

→Federico No because of staking. zPIV is the very main reason for PIVX to exist and it needs a min amount of coins to be secure and private enough.

→Federico Sure. Just explaining how it works.😉

→Federico They need 20 confirmations in network and 3 other people to mint the same denomination in pool after you.

→Federico 👍🏼 If you want more info, follow the link in this group info box. There you should find everything.

→Federico Staking on or off doesn't change anything either for you or your PIVX client but if you mean quitting the client altogether, yes, you can do that.

→Federico That's correct. The confirmations should be well over by now. So, you just need other people to mint the same denominations. Wich denominations are in the queue, if I may ask? Surely you won't be waiting for 1-5-10-50-100. Those move the queue vary fast.

→Federico OK. That takes just a bit longer. If it doesn't move, let me know and I'll mint some later in the evening....but it should be done by then.

→Federico Golden The rewards are not totally random. Sure, you wouldn't know what time or day or even week (for low amount) you would get the rewards but during the year you know that you'll be getting about 5-8%pa. At the end of day, however, both MN and staking have their pros and cons. Federico, can you check how many mints your client is waiting for now? I've minted one.

→Federico Go to the PRIVACY tab and hover with your mouse pointer above the very right column, showing how much you have for each single denomination. Alternatively, in the same tab, click on zPIV Control button and click on the arrow beside the 1k denomination.

→Federico Until the zDEX is out (End of June) most surely. Then, it's difficult to say because the MN will gain the fees from the zDEX transactions. Have you disabled the automint? You need to reboot the client for that to take effect, by the way.

→Federico LOL. Welcome to the's my kingdom! But seriously, no worries. We are all here learning, even us admins.

→Federico That's right. You just need to re-boot the client for it to take effect.

→Federico That's right. 👍🏼

→Federico Sure. If not, I'll mint the other one at some point tomorrow. Goodnight. ⭐️

→Federico Hi. I can see my mints got all confirmed and out of the queue, so yours must also.

→Federico Specifics about MN are outside my sphere. Let's see if Tim can answer you this.

→Federico Thank You for letting me know! 😉

→Federico 🙏🏽👍🏼

Federico yeah the block chain needs to finish syncing. Generally by the time people get up to that step, the wallet has finished syncing.

→Federico Hi. Quickest solution is to apply a snapshot. Please, find link and instructions for it following the link in this group info box.

Linux core or one of the thousands of clones based on Linux?

I use Debian-based ones mostly like Ubuntu or Mint but sometimes go for Fedora or Arch-based distros like Manjaro. On Raspberry Pi, I use Raspbian OS (debian, I think).

→Fede Hi. If you are using Windows yes. Other OSes are fine.

"safed on my desktop" for future reference

→Professor Sorry but after hundreds of proposal I've got fed up. It's becoming a job in itself. If it's genuine, you can post it here so that everybody see it and, who knows, you might find somebody else interested if not us. After all, PIVX is a community.

People would still have access to it as usual (ie. link on At any event, it's just a thought. Yet, if one of our bots stops working we would be in trouble. We are currently flooded by spammers. especially from a channel called "Crypto-Profits", and I'm getting fed up with non-genuine people DMming me.

→@Mongke From Debian to Fedora. In terms of semplicity, not making it much better. Actually Fedora is so tight you'll have to do a bit of work on it. Secure it is, though. Very. →@Audiovoid Check Distrowatch. The first ones are all pretty safe. Avoid Debian, Fedora, Arch (avoid like a plague.....very good but very complex), openSuse. Manjaro, Mint, Ubuntu etc. are all OK or pretty good. Bear in mind that with a rolling release (ie. Manjaro) you won't need to reinstall a new version ever. BTW, Manjaro in very, very good and quite safe and reasonably easy. Some people might prefer Antergos or other versions. It's very personal. Everybody have their own preferences.