It took 15 min to receive the 10 PIVX...

Binance and most exchanges send out in batches. Cannot get confirmed within 60 seconds when Binance hadn’t broadcasted it for 15 minutes

Can any one answer some of Q's on the ZDEX? 1. How much of the transactions fees from ZDEX goes to masternodes? 2. Does the entire ZDEX run on masternodes layer so even if zdex website is down, exchange will still be alive?

no sure how someone would interact with the exchange if the website is down, but yes operates through the nodes

This is definitely game changing now, even further, no one is mentioning 2 biggest Korean exchanges that PIVX is already listed on, that are still not on Coinmarketcap

People do not realize how big zDEX will be. There is so much stolen and hacked BTC around that people have to launder through first truly anonymous exchange in order to use it, otherwise they cannot do anything with it

We are very pleased to announce that PIVX is getting listed on Bithumb Korea exchange today!

Dear dev, we are a decentralized exchange EtherFlyer, recently we received recommendation for listing pivx on our newly opened "Self-listing" system from our supporters. We are glad to meet you; hope that we can reach a sound cooperation! Unfortunately I cannot pm for unknown reasons, so could you pls pm me or give me an email address for more details? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Go to a exchange or you are considered a scammer!


PIVXpress in Spanish, Interview to Typson Sanchez, Co-founder & CTO Panda Exchange (English subs available)


Which coins can I exchange on the ZDEX?

Interview to Arley Lozano @VaKaNo , Co-founder & CEO Panda Exchange for PIVXpress en Español #PIVX #PIVXpress #PIVXInfo #PIVXNews (English Subs avaliable)

PRIVATE DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE Alpha Launch -Nov 1, 2018 Is the date correct?


hello! As I see the most attractive price of PIVX is on CoinExchange today. Has anybody worked with this exchange? How is it? I get used to work Cryptopia – there also listed MGO (MobileGo), which price is rising fast now. But I’d like to know about the condition of exchange on CoinExchange if somebody has tried it.

Will pivx open an Exchange?

Yes, zDEX is the first decentralized exchange based in Zerocoin PIVX Protocol.

just to report the download app link dont do anything, but the exchange link at the bottom works

Zetty Deschain
smartphone cache? 🤔

It works. It was certainly my mistake. Good Job. Exchange is great! 👍👍👍

Hello, Management. I'm the business manager of the idax exchange. Would you like to know about your project


Do you have any plans to go back to the exchange?

What do you mean?

I mean, is your project going to be on the exchange any time soon?

I think it's 0.01 for zPIV mints and 0.001 for regular spends on average. You can elect a fee in Core client.

@mr_alpine Actually is 0.0001 in the core base wallet, the exchanges have bigger fees, nothing to do with PIVX.

I guess this is the incantation for a quote on PIVX on some exchange. Are there other useful incantation on this group?

Private Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange zDEX to launches #PIVXNews

when will be the new exchanges like Huobi, Bitfinex??

Private Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange zDEX to launches #PIVXNews
thanks, I've added tipbot to my research list. do you have good examples, and are there different kinds of tipbots

tipbots are just machines you can exchange tips (in crypto) through on various platforms like reddit or telegran

Months now in staking and i received nothing time to send back those coins to the exchange

Hello, I am the commercial principal of Hong Kong FUBT exchange. May I talk about the cooperation?

The Fast and the Frictionless: Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange with Shakepay – Techvibes

When next top tier exchange listing??

Coming Soon for PIVX1. Major 3.2 core wallet with Atomic Swap (BIP 65), ZKP Pre-compute, UI/UX improvements & more.2. World's first SPV mobile wallet with Zerocoin Light Node Protocol privacy support.3. Another top tier exchange listing. Follow us on Twitter

Mani D
When next top tier exchange listing??

Typically, exchange listings and dates are held secret until last minute to avoid insider trading.