Guys, Panda.Exchange just anounce that you can trade now PIVX with EUROS for all the Europeans Residents.

Buy PIVX easily available for everyone, fully under your control.

I have seen this countless times in business and in education, that when a person who is actually doing the work (like an enterpreneur or a researcher) give a talk it's usually very captivating.

Musk is an entrepreneur, not an technical guy, he just do marketing

you cannot know you can estimate by difficulty i geuss

I l what to buy some more but anycoindirect is at 1.65 Euros each pivx

1000 euros 1317 pivx

Hey guys, what am I missing? We've got PIVX here that seems like a great platform and yet every time I see any article that covers privacy coins, I'm never seeing PIVX mentioned in the lineup. It certainly can't be for a lack of promotion, and Bryan does a magnificent job with that. What's it going to take to gain traction? What are the other projects doing that is giving them such an advantage?

I buy in Europe Whit anycoindirect

Damn pivx est en feu


Haha PIVX is now pegged to the Euro

PIVXpress in Spanish, Interview to Typson Sanchez, Co-founder & CTO Panda Exchange (English subs available)

Guys, hi there! I can`t find any info about PIVX`s testnet - is it like ethereum`s rinkeby, ropsten networks? Can i get blocks count of PIVX`s testnet somewhere?

Anyone from usa, australia, canada, europe or new zealand ? ‼️

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Hi! Im testing some stuff. Use /price to get the current PIVX price. Price change is available via:/changeHour/changeDay/changeWeekAddress commands:/balance

Qeustions? Write to *Pivchen#6106* on the PIVX Discord.Donation: DCBQouK2KnJ3ZTzKz9WNbT2oH8uYrECUHe