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No sure, Why make a video that only 1% of the Pivians will not understand?

I disagree. I think that the audience always appreciates when they get to see not just marketing but the actual people with the ideas. Take Vitalik or Elon Musk as examples. They have a lot of work to do but they are great at outreach

Musk is an entrepreneur, not an technical guy, he just do marketing

Musk used to be a technical guy. He was a programmer.

I understand what you mean, but from the point of view of the marketing is not worth it.

Crying in an interview seems like a tec guy? No, is just marketing...

With zPIV 2.0, there is a deterministic seed called zPIV seed that's stored in the wallet.dat. As long as your zPIV seed is restored, so is your zPIV (after a little searching sometimes).

My cpu is sometimes used up to 50% by pivx-qt

And sometimes check my browser

When you say new installation, is it your first time installing PIVX Core on the Mac?

Right. Totally new computer, new installation downloaded from today. I copied it, ran the program, and it insta crashes. Sometimes I can get it to display the wallet screen, but it quickly crashes shortly after

sometime you can have a wallent with say 1000 coins of somehting

but sometimes you get lucky

@ONeZetty Hi! I'm TJ from CoinGecko. Would like to get in touch with the content or marketing team in PIVX. Would like to know who can i contact?

Zetty Deschain
Yes in a week Staking.

In that case you got very lucky. You should expect like one reward in 60 days. I think you were also lucky with the zpiv that it didn't take too long (or maybe your competitors were even slower).

"As long as they keep their zPIV as optional, we will know that they are not as serious about privacy as we would like them to be. Their one true competition is Monero. If they do not go private by default by the end of this year, we can consider PIVX not to be serious about privacy." this is from the dollar Vigalante.

The next marketing streak is going to push our light wallet

sometimes i wonder if i have enough pivx

I tried deleting history but didn't allow for more votes

we have strong base in a working project backed by great development team and people in marketing and administrazio that never get tired. rest of us need to take some actions to push this project forward and voting for sure isn't that hard, right? it's easiest to stand aside and let someone else get their hands dirty

By @s3v3nh4cks (10/1/18 - 1:14 PM) Here are the (5) winning submissions 1st 81512a988607fecb54efc956e318a36b0fe7a46d028715c2861c491ef72ffaba 2nd 143ccaa1a5632ab394d114eec6b49f009bae4bcab6607a859ccb17633fd09a19 3rd cfcf13c3ef6f079c174e17e0c5002518f82ed0299d041221706403a3f73caa4f 4th 40d0dd27324a50e062d431f63ed4152aeed07a753eca948e445b331731ee16e1 5th 4175267de1cb7422b85cf5670bec656e42ec873d6f0fda0bd8079f85838cf3d7 6th 6cd52e2ea141371bef18c24b461ccc47ea921c8acff20239b9c8c4fa96a8a07c 7th 210865fa85b4331120148388b2be21280934fb155caf401a67356f40ca8cde95 8th 2c37399271825ddc9d9d8e91bee5f168af42c505042f64bed36a3ff19caa85ce 9th e75a63ba4e6f812cced833c2e2c7694e139de38cd5c7bc6e46dd3510ae35c6ce 10th 3bb904a3bca38abbe72b8bc5491af31f4826abdd9ccab1b864db5b445513d375 If any of these are unable to respond or win more than 1 set of tickets, then the following alternates will be used Here is the link to verify the winners and that your hash was included in the drawing. People will need to respond with a signed message belonging to the addresses that made the submissions. withing 14 days so end of Day Midnight on Oct. 14th PST The signed message should be "PIVX Cruise Tickets Giveaway 2018" I am trying to post some info, sorry for deleting messages between my posts.. Here are some instructions to follow.

Well I get it but the pool offers hosting and other services. Basically if you do not want to manage your wallet or your master node which can sometimes be a pain in the butt you can just have the pool do so and of course only if you trust it.

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Mmm looks like a cheap marketing to increase the traffic to the website

Thanks for the positivism :) Of course it is marketing but I am not sure whether to call In cheap. This voting rounds are anyways always opportunities to show the strength of the Pivx community to other crypto enthusiasts and in this case it is an exchange primarily targeting master node coins and the investors within those fall within our target group.

It's not clear to me that orphans are always a case of your PC being too slow but sometimes they are.

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Ok. How much confirmations input needs to start stake? Also can i really stake just one coin?

Upon unlocking of wallet it starts to stake after a while, you may check the status from cli (can't remember if the command is getstakingstatus) Yes, even 1 piv is good but you're essentially in (random) competition with everyone else so your chances may be lower. You could check older blocks and see what amount of pivs led to a mint

Andrej Ders
is it still better to mint zpivx instead of minting pivx is amount of coins not huge , i.e. soem 200-300 coins?

It's not 100% clear to me. Currently (maybe out of ignorance) is that zPIV requires more performance to reduce the number of orphans. In some, limited cases (such as raspberry pi and other low-end PCs) will produce more orphans than usual and also experience fewer rewards. Sometimes this results in lower ROI from zPIV compared to PIV. In my experience, zPIV has delivered a higher average ROI. I'm using a MacBook Pro i7 and a 2600 i7 on Linux.

While i think pivx/zdex should not have a marketing push to cheer money laundering, fungibility is a key selling point

Marketing for ICOs 😂


Hi Mong, is there anyone from the marketingteam i can DM?

Hi Frank. What is it regarding?

well, a marketingmatter haha. A cooperation.

Want to access my PIVX and haven't used the wallet in quite a while. Its stuck and wont sync. I am stuck on block 1173970 and says its 23 weeks behind. I have tried to do the following-From your wallet's debug console (Tools -> Debug console or just use ./pivx-cli getinfo in linux), type:getinfoNote the block number. ("blocks":) That is the block number that your wallet is currently synced up to.Now type:getblockhash xxxxxx (where xxxxxx is the block number you got from getinfo output above. But when I get to 3-it just says Method not found (code -32601)Can anyone help. Not sure what to do or what's going on.

But someone said y’all use my meme sometimes lol

You all should start Cleaning up this chat if you want you investment to grow. I used to love this chat. Now its pathetic. PIVX still great project. But this team needs to get more professional especially as regulations come in you guys will be considered a cryptocurrency not a security Now utility but an actual currency and you're going to have the most regulations haha good luck team cleaning up your closet

Is like my retired pension plan 😄

I mean, is not impossible, but sometimes is better if you have help next to you. But if you are a poweruser of Linux you will not have problems.