Why does pivx continue to fall and the rest of the coins grow? When pivx grows?

On 1st January 2017 PIVX was around 0.008 USD. Now it's around 1.45. It has grown over 181 times its own value. On 1st january 2017 among some of the mostly talked (for their growth) coins, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin were rispectively around 8.26, 4.37, 0.00654 USD. They are now around 100, 0.095, 27.46 USD, having grown rispectively 12, 14 and 6 times. I think that your question "Why does PIVX continue to fall" just because for a couple of days now and then may go down a bit lack of some bare perspective. PIVX growth in 4 months only (!) 181 times = Ethereum/Ripple/Litecoin 6-14 times....

Ethereum dark doesnt look legit, juet checked their website

@Audiovoid What you are asking is like "Why not using bio fuel for our car instead of petrol-based oil?" when our car is electric! Then you say, we could have both. Why when it's working and it's better? Why going backwards? Even Ethereum is moving towards PoS now. The future is PoS not PoW.

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With pos you still have a big group with power

Who? If you look at wealth distribution in PIVX there's no such issue. Since everybody using the core wallet is supporting the network, whether as nodes or masternodes, there's no concentration of power. There's no need for everybody to "hold equal amounts". In PIVX if you held 100k or 1 PIVs it would not matter. Obviously you would earn more in staking but only proportionally not in absolute terms. Either way having 99k PIVs more than others does not mean you would have more power. Hacker Noon article? You mean this "Is PoS really the solution?" one? It's based on Ethereum proposal where you need +1k ETH to start staking, for that it says. In PIVX the minimum amount is 1PIV. I don't see any concentration of power risk. I don't have the source for this but on the PIVX twitter channel Cryptonomics247 posted that a 99.6% holdings would be required to double spend.

→ @CryptoCr15 Hi. No, PIVX has nothing to do with ERC20 or Ethereum. See group description. 😉

→@Audiovoid Particle is not akin to PIVX in any way. More like Ethereum and I believe (not sure) they have delegated staking as an option, not staking. Delegated staking for PIVX would equal to weaken the network ATM, as @Mongke just mentioned.

→@Williammmmm Hi. Monero was there first like BTC was there first. Bitcoin seemed to be unbeatable and the only cryptocoin we would have ever used. This went on for years and then.... Monero was good when it came out. The problem is simple: it's not sustainable and it's proned to be centralized. There are other arguments but this is the core one. PoW coins have no future, that's why many of them are looking around to change (ie. Ethereum).

→Stasya Hi. No, PIVX is a pure Proof of Stake cryptocurrency. It's not like Ethereum/Neo etc.

→Golden HI. 1) How did you get to that 90%? Based on what? 😉 Since we should assume that those who have invested in PoS assets would not be masochists, 90% would mean that 90% of the assets out there are PoW based. Not on my books..... I would change that to "some" or "many" if you prefer. Obviously, those holding PoW coins or working for them won't admit PoS are a better improvement.....unless they are working for Ethereum.😜 2) PIVX is not a company but a community. "[...] someone form PIVX [...]" means everybody, including you and me.😜😜

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V0.0.41 RELEASE - PIVX TOKEN SWAPS "Sentinel’s latest 0.0.41 release includes PIVX to SENT transfer which is the first step of the Ethereum anonymization process." #PIVXNews

hey guys check out the sentinel swixer featuring first swaps between the pivx and ethereum chain!

this link pertains to pivx to ethereum swaps

@JRhodes now users can swap from ethereum chain to pivx and vice versa!

this way ethereum coin holders can use pivx zerocoin mixing protocols

That's right. I bought Ethereum at around $14 USD and then it crashed to $7. Worst investment ever! Meanwhile, the technology was developing...

Guys, hi there! I can`t find any info about PIVX`s testnet - is it like ethereum`s rinkeby, ropsten networks? Can i get blocks count of PIVX`s testnet somewhere?