→@Chkval Not those ones. The one with Tether. Those ones will repost them officially. Thank You for suggesting. We will acknowledge your suggestions.

IoP INTERVIEW WITH CRYPTO_SI & WARROWS. Governance Community Guru & Developer. "Crypto projects need to come together and share a little bit more the technology that has been created." #PIVXNews

Hey guys, Could you please tell me whether pivx wallet still should staking because last one which i can see is recorded on 27 Jun 18. Thank you for your help in advance.

Doge circumstances
Now one can keep total anonymity and not worry about dealing with often shady exchange. Great partnership for pivx and sent.

There are several but all are mostly in development. EtherDelta is operational but only with ERC20 token. bitone network in this field is quite innovative as it will allow bitcoin to operate with other blockchain but is currently in the pre-sale phase and will be very difficult to enter, so do not bother doing it. other systems that can act as DEX: wanchain, Polkadot, Cosmos, AION ...

Hi Gio, do you know how I can reach someone from the team to chat about PR opportunities within The Netherlands? :)

→@getsie Hi. The issue is not whether one is a scammer or not. I do appreciate everybody wanted to help and keep the community spammers and scammers free. However, here everybody is absolutely innocent unless there's solid evidence. I don't think anybody here would have given any money to this person but a convo like that to me is not enough to publicly call somebody scammer, regardless of whehter inside me I'm 200% he/she is. The procedure here is to pass the info to the relevant people in charge. In this case it was the marketing team. They could have simply contacted the real Siraj on his public channels as they have access to the PIVX official accounts on YT, Twitter etc. The solution was that simple without going to lenghty enquires as we all did wasting our own time.....but we are humans and we are curious. 😉 I appreciate Lee and Zetty too for contacting the real Siraj and solving the issue in a couple of lines.

I wonder whether to propose this group to go private, like Discord. It would be only accessible via a link. Humans and bots would not be able to find it on Telegram just by searching it. It should block out the vast majority of Telegram bots, scammers and spammers.

saw one in tradingview, market may actually jump up because of 100 mil$ of Tether that has just been pushed into Binance exchange.

hey guys check out the sentinel swixer featuring first swaps between the pivx and ethereum chain!

this link pertains to pivx to ethereum swaps

@JRhodes now users can swap from ethereum chain to pivx and vice versa!

this way ethereum coin holders can use pivx zerocoin mixing protocols

→@Buddash I'm investigating this as I was out all day. I can tell you that it's confirmed that there was a freeze for about 90min and then it was resolved. Why there was a freeze and whether it resolved itself or required manual intervention, I don't know. Will come back to you. 😉

That's right. I bought Ethereum at around $14 USD and then it crashed to $7. Worst investment ever! Meanwhile, the technology was developing...

→@Annibale1 Yes but only locally. That's not enough. Yes, you do need to save it in multiple locations together with your passphrase.

→ @forfunnystuff @Mongke Please, avoid talking about other coins, bad or good. If there's a tech that they have and we should adopt, we can pass to the dev or discuss but other than that, I would suggest to focus on PIVX. One day, maybe, coins devs/communities will mature and work together.

Sure thing @CryptoMax239 have you check whether you're on the right chain?

You using myetherwallet with the ledger?

privacy and banning dont go well together

The way I'm exploring is to come together with the hundreds of other forks (9 out of 10 new coins listed on are pivx forks) and somewhat collaborate through this cooperative platform I'm trying to build.

I you really care, make other people care too. This is a community project. We are in this together.

Have the devs made a statement yet on whether PIVX is vulnerable to the recent Bitcoin DoS/Inflation bug? I notice Dash fixed that bug a few days ago.

Zetty Deschain
Mmm looks like a cheap marketing to increase the traffic to the website

Thanks for the positivism :) Of course it is marketing but I am not sure whether to call In cheap. This voting rounds are anyways always opportunities to show the strength of the Pivx community to other crypto enthusiasts and in this case it is an exchange primarily targeting master node coins and the investors within those fall within our target group.

I noticed coins value depreciates at night but Gain few $$ during day... night time is best time to buy, if you trade crypto currency....noticed that about coins like pivx, ether, zil and CND

Deyan Dimitrov
Monero is associated with crime and I think it is not hurting them

It already has. I don't know whether overall it's an advantage or disadvantage. BTC is becoming less and less associated with crime. As a result, institutional investors are able to legaly invest... that's certainly one of the reasons for the price pump of 2017

Dear dev, we are a decentralized exchange EtherFlyer, recently we received recommendation for listing pivx on our newly opened "Self-listing" system from our supporters. We are glad to meet you; hope that we can reach a sound cooperation! Unfortunately I cannot pm for unknown reasons, so could you pls pm me or give me an email address for more details? Sorry for the inconvenience.


On twitter was a few weeks. But i guess we'll see plenty of news altogether before eoy (zdex, new qt wallet and new mobile wallet )

Guys, hi there! I can`t find any info about PIVX`s testnet - is it like ethereum`s rinkeby, ropsten networks? Can i get blocks count of PIVX`s testnet somewhere?

No actually it's not you guys should join the bloom Telegram and there are some other etherium utility tokens and I've really cleaned up there at on Telegram