Focusing on privacy doesn’t mean one’s got something to hide, just saying

she's got something under her digital pillow

Deyan Dimitrov
Monero is associated with crime and I think it is not hurting them

It already has. I don't know whether overall it's an advantage or disadvantage. BTC is becoming less and less associated with crime. As a result, institutional investors are able to legaly invest... that's certainly one of the reasons for the price pump of 2017

Technology doesnt care about ethical questions. People do.

Dear dev, we are a decentralized exchange EtherFlyer, recently we received recommendation for listing pivx on our newly opened "Self-listing" system from our supporters. We are glad to meet you; hope that we can reach a sound cooperation! Unfortunately I cannot pm for unknown reasons, so could you pls pm me or give me an email address for more details? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Bethron banned for spam! (1/1)

Per Haugen
what do you mean? flox23 bootstrap method is faster than a standard resync and uses less bandwidth, but it does still take some time and causes high CPU usage while it is validating the blocks.

I'd change to something like, pivx community makes everything a breeze, making "node implementation a breeze or super easy"

am i doing something wrong ?

I'm trying to understand and get calibrated on transaction cost. iota has none, bitcoin seems high and all I can find on pivx is that its low. I've already been caught on bitcoin by spending time to get some bitcoin on a faucet only to find out that they are paying way below the transaction cost and the time of zero cost transaction has past. What is the smallest spend amout on pivx where i will still have something when it arrives at the new address.

Want to access my PIVX and haven't used the wallet in quite a while. Its stuck and wont sync. I am stuck on block 1173970 and says its 23 weeks behind. I have tried to do the following-From your wallet's debug console (Tools -> Debug console or just use ./pivx-cli getinfo in linux), type:getinfoNote the block number. ("blocks":) That is the block number that your wallet is currently synced up to.Now type:getblockhash xxxxxx (where xxxxxx is the block number you got from getinfo output above. But when I get to 3-it just says Method not found (code -32601)Can anyone help. Not sure what to do or what's going on.

Hi PIVXwhy don't you simplify the installation masternodefor ordinary users?The easier it will be to install the masternodethe more new people will come.

Christopher Krueger
Wow that dose seem like a well built coin.

Monero relies on donations to continue development and other improvements through the Forum Funding System. In my opinion, that tends to be an unreliable, unsustainable method.


On twitter was a few weeks. But i guess we'll see plenty of news altogether before eoy (zdex, new qt wallet and new mobile wallet )

I noticed two blue dots below one, I take that to mean even my wallet has a chance. I havent found a way to earn coin yet. I'm a SW engr but I dont give away my effort for nothing, I'm also not a currency trader so I dont buy or trade; It like in the real world, I need to earn to play. I used a faucet just to get something above zero to better understand how its allto work but that was a huge waste of time for almost nothing.

I am looking for instructions on how to build and test the pivx blockchain. I don't see any unit tests in the github directory structure. Am I missing something?

Guys, hi there! I can`t find any info about PIVX`s testnet - is it like ethereum`s rinkeby, ropsten networks? Can i get blocks count of PIVX`s testnet somewhere?

No actually it's not you guys should join the bloom Telegram and there are some other etherium utility tokens and I've really cleaned up there at on Telegram

Mr, @ethguy2016 we responded to you and try to help you, but you keep saying the same. Be nice please.

I said be nice @ethguy2016

Would you get or loose something if you were to unlock your wallet for staking on multiple boxes?

Is there a guide or tutorial on setting up a masternode for people with limited technical abilities? Something simply?

masternode is enable now! thank you ;) can you tell me with which comand i can check if its working on my server?

Use the following command to check status:masternode statusYou should see something like:{“vin” : “CTxIn(COutPoint(masternode output, index), scriptSig=)”,“service” : “ip:51472”,“pubkey” : “masternode address”,“status” : “Masternode successfully started”}