Why’s pivx shed nearly $20mill in marketcap in last few days and pushed back to 92nd in coinmarket cap? Any ideas? I know we have had a big slump but some people have seriously dumped a lot of pivx it has fallen 3times more than most other coins?

$5mill off coming out of the top100 on coinmarketcap

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Yeah, price is a complicated topic in this moment, all coins are losing marketcap.

You still need the blocks once, but you don’t need to keep them

When can I read more about light wallet? Does it keep the blocks or trashes them each restart etc. Thanks

Dont refresh every 5 min the coinmarketcap website and go outside and enjoy life. Comeback next year when you cant handle it ;)

PIVX x Numo Alliance announced: A mobile payments platform and app for concerts, parking meters, etc. Read more about it:

But zDEX is being built and soon everyone will be able to transact bitcoin etc directly through zpiv

Literally any detail greater than "sucks" is probably helpful. Why does it suck?

Actually there was an example in the chat. There are really too many different buttons, etc. I can't tell you right this moment without carefully looking at it but my emotional feeling about it is that it isnt any good, i.e. sucks.

The way I'm exploring is to come together with the hundreds of other forks (9 out of 10 new coins listed on are pivx forks) and somewhat collaborate through this cooperative platform I'm trying to build.

We are excited to announce that PIVX has been listed on Bitsonic Korea exchange and it is currently our #1 exchange with the highest trade volume. Although not yet listed on Coinmarketcap as they are in open beta stage, Bitsonic's current total trade volume already puts them in the Top 10 worldwide rankings. We are currently listed in the following BTC & ETH markets.

I'm going through the wallet repair process / rescan at the moment, and will later try delete the mn cache / peers / etc

Busy at the office, trying to get caught up on PIVX stuff, etc.

Hi there. New to PIVX. Doing some research. Noticed on coinmarketcap there’s no total supply. Is PIVX supply finite?

Help PIVX win a Listing on Netcoins by voting in the Coin Listing Contest starting Today! Winning this means the coin will be sold in over 171,000+ retail locations in 53 countries - huge!

Not sure if this got reposted here yet, but it's in PIVX Discord -

Like I said there, it's well worth the effort to vote - Netcoins has a pretty cool solution if you haven't heard of them before.

Does fees comes only in zPIV or you get feets per pair? so if people bet btc/dash/eth, you get fees of btc/dash/eth etc

This is definitely game changing now, even further, no one is mentioning 2 biggest Korean exchanges that PIVX is already listed on, that are still not on Coinmarketcap

Here's an example. I like nuclear physics. When I talk about it with people I don't tell them that it's great for nuclear bombs but rather for nuclear power plants, MRI, etc. Initially, the development of nuclear weapons really helped speed up the development of nuclear physics though.

what trading pairs will be availibe on the dex?

Initially, seems like BTC. In the future, BCH, Litecoin, Doge etcetera

I'm just getting started in the PIVX world and I've noticed reference to chat on here, discord and slack and they have a wiki. Is the chat spread according to type, technical, social, beginners, developer etc. Im asking because I have a lot of beginner type questions and dont want to offend by starting in the wrong place.

All larger masternode projects there are instructions with github link etc. unfortunately not here. 😕

don´t know how to do. with zcoin, zen, smart etc i haven´t this problems. there i can use the github link for download the blockchain on my server.

my video is simple, just sketch videos and shor interviews. unfortunately, I was not invited to meet up in seoul. I have chance to attend meet up, I will share the video as well. :)